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My First Massage Parlour

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I was 19, had just left school and was still a virgin. I never had a girlfriend and was desperate to get some sexual experience. I decided to try a massage parlour, hoping for an 'extra'.

I got in, picked a girl who, though not very pretty, had a hard fit body. I followed her upstairs to a room and had the opportunity to admire her bum swaying in her short figure-hugging dress and already felt the stirrings of an erection.

She told me to get undressed and left to get the massage oil and some towels. So far, it looked like a respectable place and there was no mention made of any covert activity. To prevent any embarrassment and misunderstanding, and also because I had never been naked with a girl before, I decided to keep my underwear on.

When she came back I was lying on my stomach. She didn't make any comments and proceeded to pour some oil on my back and rub lightly and gently. I was fully erect by then and when she started to rub my back gently, I thought my penis would burst.

The massage went on for a while - we had a full hour - and she was doing my legs and moving up to my bum. Nothing sexual had happened so far. She then told me that my underwear was in her way and if she could remove it. I didn't hesitate to say yes and she proceeded to take it off. My penis got in the way (I was still on my stomach) and she couldn't get it off. I quickly reached down with my hand and in the process knocked the bottle of oil which was between my legs.

Now fully naked, with a huge erection under me, I felt soft hands at the top of my thighs. They felt delicious and I opened my legs discreetly. So far, I hadn't done anything inappropriate. She was the one who wanted to remove my last remaining clothes and if she asked me to turn over and saw my erection, I would just say it was a natural reaction. But it was not yet time to turn over. She was doing my bum and scraping her long nails gently along my crack. God, it felt so good. She sure knew how to use her fingers and nails.

She rubbed smoothly on the inside of my legs and I had a great excuse to open them even wider. I am sure she could see my balls by then. She was rubbing closer and closer to them until I could feel her brushing against them. I couldn't lie still by then and was lifting my arse off to meet her hand. Then all pretence of an innocent massage disappeared when she scratched my balls lightly with her nails. I thought I was going to shoot cum as I was so excited. I parted my legs even more and lifted my bum to allow her to reach the base of my penis. She rubbed gently the whole area, reaching from my cock to my anus. She also used her nails from time to time and that would sent a tingle down my spine and make me moan.

She told me to turn over and I reluctantly did so as I was enjoying this so much. My dick was hard, throbbing and begging to be furiously jerked. She simply proceeded to massage my upper body. I decided it was time to make my move and gently touched her leg. She didn't move away or complained so I crept up to her butt and started stroking it, slowly at first and then more feverishly. All the while she was calmly rubbing my chest, arms and shoulders. I now had my hand deep between her legs as much as I could as her legs were not wide open. I could feel her pubic hair and then met a fabric. Since I hadn't felt anything on her bum, I realized she was wearing a thong.

I played around a little bit, as much as my position would allow me as I was lying on my back and she was by my side. I told her to remove her thong but she refused, despite me insisting. I had to satisfy myself with her ass-cheeks which were rock hard from dancing. I never thought of slipping my hands under her thongs to reach her vagina; anyway, I didn't have much room to manoeuvre. This was the first time I was feeling a girl in that area and was feeling rather shy and overwhelmed.

She moved on to rub my legs so I couldn't feel her up any more. She started with my feet and reached my groin where her hands brushed with my erections a few times, each time making it jump.

She suddenly stopped, indicating that the massage was over. I asked her about this 'extra' and she told me the price of a handjob. I paid her and she immediately grabbed my penis and started jacking. I was in heaven.

She alternated between jacking, vigorous masturbation and using her nails on me. I think I had stayed hard and excited for so long that I was now finding it difficult to cum. She was pumping vigorously on my hard tool, switching hands when one got tired, adding more oil from time to time and yet I still couldn't reach orgasm. At one point, she asked me if I was holding it and I said yes, too ashamed to admit that despite her wonderfully soft and skilful hands, I couldn't ejaculate.

Eventually, I could feel an orgasm building slowly, building and building until it was deep in my balls and moving to the base of my penis. Then the muscle contractions started. She felt it and renewed her efforts on my shaft. This accelerated my orgasm and the semen started rising through my penis and I found myself spurting on my stomach. It felt as if a dam had broken in me as I let go. At that young age, I used to squirt a good distance and a fair amount, on average 7 spurts. This time I spurted 4 globs no further than my stomach. When I was feeling the powerful contractions, I thought I would spray my semen in the air, all over her face and past my shoulder.

She helped me clean up and I gave her a good tip.



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