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Friend's Mom

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True story that happened with my friend's mom


During the summer when I had turned 14 my parents were going to visit a family friend and I didn't wanna go along so instead I stayed over at my friend Kyle's house.  Kyle lived with his mom who was single and was beautiful, with a nice voluptuous body, 36d tits brown hair green eyes and the perfect ass.    Kyle had summer camp so during the day I would stay at home with his mom until he came home then we would watch horror movies and eat pizza at night.   It was fun.   One day I woke up a little earlier than usual and I went downstairs to see who was home and I caught his mom in nothing but a short babydoll nightgown.   I sat down on one of the stools on the kitchen counter and she looked at me with a blushed face.   You could tell she was embarrassed to be seen in her nightgown. She smiled and then she said "Good morning David, How did you sleep last night?"   It took me a while to answer because my eyes were glued onto her cleavage but then I finally replied with "Great, how was yours?" Then she said "it was alright.   Listen honey, I'm about to make breakfast.   Would you like some pancakes?" "Sure" as she was getting the frying pan she bent over and I got a great view of her camel toe.  I started getting a hardon at that point and then I wasn't too sure but when she was bending over she looked at me from the side and she might have caught me looking but didn't pretended not to notice and continued gathering the ingredients and the tools to make the pancakes. 

When she was done making the pancakes she came over to the table and told me to wash my hands before I eat. By then I had developed a boner from watching her do her stuff so I was kind of hesitant to get up but when I did I could tell she was looking right at my crotch because when i got up I looked at her in the eyes and her eyes were aiming at it.  I washed my hands and i came to the table and i started eating. Then she started asking me how I'm doing in general it got to the point when she asked me "so David, do you have a girlfriend?"   I told her "no i dont, I like one girl but i don't know if she liked me back"   She said "that' s a shame because I think you're very handsome.   I bet the girls go wild over you"   I felt her foot rubbing against my leg and I felt my cock throbbing at that moment.  "I think you should find someone older that can teach you a couple of things"

   I was kind of confused and I didn't know what to say so I smiled and just said "yeah" and then the rest of the time we just continued eating and every now and then I would look at her cleavage without her noticing.   WhenI was done eating I got up to take a shower and then  I went to the room to put on some clothes.  While I was in there all I could think of is what my friend's mom looked like naked.   Then I heard a knock on the door and she asked "may I come in?"  I was zipping up my jeans and I said "sure".   She walked in and locked the door   "David, I want to talk to you for a second."   "What about?"   "Well, right now you're at an age where you start getting sexual urges" she sits down on my bed with me.  

"  Do you masturbate?" I was once again a little hesitant to reply "y...yes, sometimes" "Well, I saw the way you were looking at me and I just want you to know that its perfectly normal to have these urges. I want to help you out, but you must promise me you do not tell anyone about this" "O...ok" at that point she took off her night gown and her beautiful breasts came out.    "Dont be shy, you can touch them if you want" so I caressed her gorgeous tits and i rubbed her nipples a little bit.   As I was doing this she leaned forward and started making out with me "wanna suck on my tits?" "sure!" I was in heaven.

  My cock was so hard it was in pain but we were just getting started. " Ok now lay back"   She unzipped my jeans and slipped off my boxers and my hard cock sprang out in her face.   "Wow, your cock looks a little bigger than average for a 14 year old"   Then she started stroking it for me.   "You like that?" "mmmmmmm yes"   "Ok David, Im gonna go a little faster"   She started pumping me and then she started suckin on my balls a bit. at this point i felt I was gonna cum.   "Ever touched pussy before?" "no, can I?"   She slipped off her panties and grabbed my hand and put two of my fingers inside her   "Go in and out"   So I did....I could feel her pussy getting wetter by the second. Then I pulled my fingers out and I leaned forward and started massaging her clit with my tongue against the edge of my teeth while I fingered her. Her pussy tasted so good.   Finally she leaned forward and put my dick in her mouth sliding it in and out, licking the base of the head and tapping it with her tongue.   Then I couldn't hold back and shot a couple of wads of cum on her face and she licked the rest of it off my cock and swallowed it.   That continued for a long time and it progressed much further until they eventually moved away!



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