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My Mom Fixed A Problem

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I've grown up a nudist, at least at home. Well, we don't specifically make a point of going around without clothes on, but if we are at home, watching TV, for instance, whether my brother, my sisters, I, or my parents had clothes on or not is not significant. So, when I was younger, my mom noticed a problem. She never told me about it until I was 18 years old. Here's the scoop:


My first year of college, I saw a beautiful girl in my Copyright Law class. Blond, petite, well, she was just ideal in appearance. I spoke to her a couple of times and discovered that we had matching intellects (or lack thereof) senses of humor (or lack thereof) and personalities, as well. So we went out, and sure enough we started dating. One night, we went all the way. Or attempted to. It hurt. Not her, me! So we quit and she said I should see a doctor, because that's not normal but no doubt something easily fixed.

Back at home during Christmas time, I spoke to my mom about it. Yes, it was embarrassing to bring it up, but I knew it had to be discussed. She told me it was called "phimosis" and that she knew I had it from a younger age, when she noticed me laying on the floor in front of the TV one evening with an erection, and the skin was stretched tight. I didn't realize it, but she had spoken to the doctor about it at the time, and he said not to worry. That either I'd grow out of it, or it wouldn't be a problem.

Well, it was a problem. Mom scheduled an appointment for me. I went to the family doctor and described the problem. The doctor and nurse did all the usual things first - blood pressure, temperature, weight. I was a bit concerned that I might have to get an erection for the doctor to show him the problem. I was also concerned that the female nurse would see. This shouldn't bother me, being a nudist of sorts, but it did. The guy asked the nurse to leave the room, and then asked me to pull down my pants. Geez, at this point, I was figuring he'd have me jerk off in front of him, or maybe even he'd jerk me off to get me hard. Instead, he glanced for like 1/2-second, and then told me to pull my pants up. He didn't even really see the problem - that when my dick is hard, the skin is rather tight. I never noticed it when jerking, but with the actual sex, it pulled the skin back, and it hurt.

The doctor presented two options: Circumcision or exercises. He said if I would do the exercise of pulling the foreskin back and holding it for several seconds just to the point where it hurt a bit, and if I did it for a few minutes every day, it would stretch. I was much more for that than circumcision. That sounded painful! I would think it would be painful and inconvenient for a week or so while it healed, and I didn't want to mess up what was left of my Christmas vacation worrying about an operation. So, of course I chose the exercises.

But the problem is, I didn't do them. The second day after visiting the doc, my mom asked, and I sheepishly admitted that I didn't actually do anything. She told me, pretty much in no uncertain terms, to do the exercises.

The next day she asked again, and deeply embarrassed, I had to admit that no, once again I skipped out.

She asked me to step into her bedroom. I kind of knew what was coming, but not really!

She asked me to take off my clothes and lay on her bed. She said she was going to get me started with the exercises. She was going to do it for me, and then made comparisons to the fact that she, along with my father, were the ones who changed my diapers, taught me how to use the toilet and all the rest, so I shouldn't be embarrassed if she had to do yet one more 'mothering chore.'

She then grabbed a large feather that I'm guessing she and my dad used for sex play, since it was in their room. What else does one use a feather for in a bedroom? She explained that I needed to be erect for this exercise to work. Of course I knew that, but she had to say it out loud so the whole event stayed 'clinical.' She ever so lightly tickled the underside of my penis with the feather. Oh, what a feeling! No one had ever done that before! Oh, my older brother and younger sisters and I had played doctor a bit, and my brother and I jerked each other off a couple of times, but nothing more. And never anything like this feather tickling. I was hard within thirty seconds.

My mother simply said, "Good." and put the feather down. She then grabbed my foreskin with the thumbs and forefingers of both hands and tugged slowly downward until I winced. She reminded me it had to be to the point where it just started to hurt (and no more!) to be effective. She held it stretched down in that position for a full minute. The tip of my penis stuck out of the foreskin just a bit, but the problem was obvious. The foreskin was indeed too tight to allow the head to come fully out. I've seen pictures on the Internet, and guys with erections usually have the whole head of their penis exposed. I had never seen the bottom edge of my glans. While she was holding my foreskin down, it started to feel really nice. No pain, just nice! Then she let go, and I felt a brief spasm in reaction to the letting go - almost like an ejaculation was going to start. The feeling subsided as quickly as it came. After a few seconds, she pulled the foreskin down and held it for a while again. I started to feel that 'I'm going to cum' feeling. She let go. Another brief and very enjoyable spasm. I was starting to think I might just go ahead and cum if she kept this up, but she didn't. She said, "OK Jeremy, now you've got to do that every day, maybe even twice a day, on your own," and walked out of the room.

Five minutes later, I was in my own bedroom with the door locked so my sisters wouldn't come in, and was masturbating like crazy. It took me less than a minute to ejaculate big time!

I started doing the exercises regularly. Sometimes even four and five times a day, inspired by the memory of my mother with the feather, holding my foreskin, and all that. I came after my exercises almost every time.

Back at college, several weeks later, I noticed that my foreskin was sliding farther down the glans. One day, it went POP, and kind of slipped under the glans entirely. It took a bit of stretching to get it to go back up. As soon as it did, I ejaculated. That was just too weird, but great, too! It was an indication of things to come. A few weeks after that, it no longer popped, and did not require stretching to get it back over the glans. It just slipped over. So, I guess I'm cured!

As to my girlfriend, she did help me with the exercises from time to time. One day in late March, something overcame us and we knew it was time to try having sex again. Even though the foreskin problem seemed to be fixed, I was so nervous, I couldn't get hard enough to enter her. She remember what I related about my mom's feather, and grabbed a smaller feather she must have been keeping for the occasion, and with that, she got me hard. The rest is history!



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