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I had been single for a number of years when I met this girl that started working at my store. We became fast friends and talked more and more while at work as well as outside of work. I started to develop quite an interest for her because she was different from other girls I had met. She was an intriguing person for many reasons, most of which I just don't feel like getting into right now.

After a few weeks of knowing each other and talking quite frequently, our out of work conversations became more and more sexual. This is something that really got me going in a lot of ways just because I hadn't been with anyone in such a long time. She was in a relationship at the time, which just killed me because I always felt she would have been much better off being with me. Even though I couldn't have her as a girlfriend, we were still very close friends.

As I said, our conversations became more and more sexual. We started talking a lot about what gets us going and what our deepest desire were. We often talked about masturbation. We talked about what we liked to think about while masturbating, how often we masturbated, etc. One thing that really turns me on is to hear a woman talk about masturbation so openly and to be so comfortable with it. There were many times we would be talking and we would both be masturbating while on the phone or talking online.

We would be online with each other and sending videos back and forth to see if they turned us on. One night that I remember quite vividly, we were talking online and felt like hearing each others' voices, so started talking on the phone. We were having quite a lengthy conversation about sex and masturbation since we kept sending these videos back and forth. At one point, we both realized the other was masturbating while we were talking, so we started to describe to each other what we were doing. She was rubbing her clit and slowly bringing herself closer and closer to an orgasm. With every word from her, I was stroking my hard cock. I loved hearing her as she was rubbing herself. I am normally about 6 inches when fully erect, but I think on this night I managed to get a little bit above my typical length. She turned me on so much.

We kept going and going and getting closer and closer when she told me she had to hang up so she could cum. I tried so hard to keep her on the phone so I could hear her amazing orgasm. She insisted that she hang up and then call me as soon as she was finished. She told me that she needed to hang up so she could rub herself like crazy. I was so disappointed to hang up the phone, but as soon as I did, I stroked my hardon furiously to one of the greatest orgasms of my life up to that point. I came with such ferocity that I could hardly believe what happened. After I came, I closed my eyes for what seemed like a few seconds only to wake up to my phone ringing and her being upset on the other end of the line saying she had been trying to call me for the past 10 minutes. I asked if she enjoyed herself and she told me all about her wonderful orgasm. She asked me if I came and I told her 'all over the place.' Within another 20 minutes of our conversation to follow, I was ready to cum again. I told her of my arousal and she was amazed that I could have it up again in such a short time.

Up to that point, that was the closest I had ever been to masturbating with another person, which is one of my ultimate fantasies. I don't know why it is, but I love to think about masturbating with another person. I have done this since then, but at the time, I had never even come close.

Sorry about the long, stream of conscious sort of thing I had going on here, but I was writing as I remembered it. Hopefully this can be of some interest to somebody. Do enjoy yourselves. I know that I am definitely about to go rub one out after thinking of this once again.



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