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The Shooter

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Weird Things DO Happen


First of all, I am not some super-endowed stud who can perform sexual feats of porn-star proportions. I am fairly normal in size, but maybe thicker and with a large penis head. This attribute has lead some partners that I have been with to say that I am well-endowed, something that 5 minutes of viewing adult video proves to be false. However, if there has been one part of my physical sexuality that has intriqued some women in the past, is the intensity, volume, and distance of my ejaculations. Thus, since I live in a small town and have had 3 wives, and a few girl-friends, there is this 'reputation' that I have to be a 'shooter'. This reputation may have had some effect on the story I am to tell.

My work takes me to do business presentations, sometimes for exclusively ladies groups, on occasion. This story is about one such ladies' group.

As I arrived to do my presentation, I was told that due to several conflicting events on the same evening, that this evenings' group of ladies would only be attended by about 7 instead of the 20 that I had planned for. The hostess, however, assured me that my time would be appreciated and well spent.

As is common, for casual business, I was dressed in slacks, shirt, tie, and blazer. Almost immediately, the ladies insisted that I remove the jacket and tie, so as to be more comfortable and casual. I gladly did so. During the socializing part, before my actual formal presentation, the women would each stand very close to me, often with their breast or thigh gently touching my body. This sort of thing happens at cocktail parties and social events everywhere, but somehow this time it seemed a bit more 'foreward'. My cock began to swell inside my nicely draped slacks, and I had no coat on to hide the obvious erection that THEY were giving me. As my erection became apparent, the ladies seemed to not notice, but several of them casually brushed against it, worsening my discomfort. I could feel pre-cum leaking into my shorts.

Suddenly, the hostess told the ladies to take their beverages and be seated, as my presentation was to begin. I was not speaking from a podium, so I was totally exposed to them, as they sat right in front of me. The room seemed to be getting almost TOO warm, even stuffy. My heart was racing, and my cock was straining against my pants.

All of the ladies were wearing skirts or dresses. As I surveyed the room, I saw many with their legs uncrossed, and quite a bit of leg and thigh. Please bear in mind that these fine women were some of the most influential and upstanding in our small community, yet they were literally flashing me, and teasing me. As I began to attempt my brief presentation, an obvious wet spot was begiining to show in my khakis. My cock was distended and rock hard. Without saying a word, the hostess casually walked to the wall, dimmed the lights, and then stood beside me. I could not imagine what was next. She said 'well it would appear that the legend is true'!!! The hostess lady then started to stroke my cock through my trousers in front of the other 6 women. My erection became almost painful, yet the sensations of pleasure were very intense as well. I could not stand this tension much longer! The hostess then unzipped my fly and my cock, red, swollen, and leaking semen was exposed to all the women seated with their 'tea and crumpets'.

She said 'we've all heard that you have very strong orgasms... please let us see.' She slowly jacked my cock, rubbing it right behind the glans, and stimulating the spot right under the cockhead with her index finger. Then an older (but a knockout) woman that I knew from our church came up to the front and pulled my trousers and shorts to my knees. Then this woman began to squeeze my balls and stroke the shaft of my cock, all the while 'hostess' was rubbing my penis head. I could not stand the tension... I could feel my balls tightening, my sensation that I HAD TO CUM NOW!!!!!

I could see that the 'spectator' women all had their hands up their dresses, their faces flushed. When the moment came, I said ' I've got to CUM NOW!!!' As the first spurt of cum hit 2 ladies on the front row, I heard the sounds of moans, shrieks, and wet, pussy-rubbing squishes. Now, encouraged by the moment, I squirted my cum in every direction, spurt after spurt, soiling some ladies dresses, unfortunately. I hit the nice Victorian coffee table, the rich, red wallpaper, and left cum dripping off of a few objects in the room. I was so weakened, that I almost collapsed, but then the women began to cum. Not all at once, but each of them at their perfect time, shook, moaned, and spasmed, as orgasm after orgasm rocked the room. I should have zipped up and 'gotten the HELL out of DODGE', but that was not in the ladies plan. Two other ladies took turns rubbing and sucking my cock, as the first two had sat down to take care of themselves. The hostess and the church lady came in about 2 minutes and the other 5 ladies CHEERED.

By now, I was hard again. I took over stroking my cock and with all 7 ladies seated and watching me, I came for them again. This time, I pointed my cock skyward towards them, shooting off in a rainbow arch above their heads. Some ladies had cum on their faces and hair, but no one seemed to mind.

And I never did get to make my business presentation.



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