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Freshman Year Of College

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These memories are how my 24/7 cock ring and daily masturbation lifestyle began during the first semester of my freshman year in college at NMU.

Heather and I met for the first time in our political science class. She sat next to me on the first day of class. That day was the start of our relationship. She opened my sexual mind over the course of our two month relationship. My erotic experiences with her continue to influence me today.


I enjoyed  the sun warming my face as I walked to my first political science class of my freshman year in college. I arrived several minutes early. I noticed there were only three students when I entered the classroom. I sat down in a chair near the back of the classroom. 

I heard a voice behind me ask if anyone was sitting next to me. I said no and saw a pretty petite girl sit down with dark brown hair, perky breasts and a tight ass. She told me her name was Heather. We talked about where we were from. She said she was from Farmington Hills, Michigan and that she was a freshman. I told her I was a freshman too.


I asked her where her dorm was and if I could walk her back after class. She said sure and we walked back to her room. Her dorm was next to mine. Heather was on the third floor at the end of her floor’s hall by the emergency exit stairwell. 


I asked Heather if she had any plans for the evening. She said no. I suggested we walk into town and grab a bite to eat. She agreed and we spent the evening exploring the town together.


She asked me if I wanted to hang out in her room when we got back to her dorm. We spent time talking and I met her roommate. Her roommate left for the night, she had a boyfriend in another dorm across campus. 

Heather told me she was going to get ready for bed. Then she began to undress in front of me. She said I hope you do not mind, but I am not going to be wearing any clothes. She asked if I would like to join her. I asked her if she was a nudist? She said no, but prefers being nude. She told me she spent much of her time at home in her room nude. I shared that I also enjoyed being nude too. So I undressed and sat back down on her couch.


She sat down next to me and saw me looking at her breasts. My penis grew into a hard erection. Heather grabbed my erection and started stroking it. I told her that I did not have condoms. She expressed that she did not like them and wanted me to pull out and cum on her tits. I started sliding my penis in and out of her wet pussy. When I could feel myself getting close to the point of no return, I pulled out and squirted cum all over her perky breasts. Heather and I became boyfriend and girlfriend after that night.


The next day, Heather asked if I wanted to drive home with her for Labor Day weekend. She wanted me to meet her parents. That trip revealed that Heather really enjoyed kinky erotic experiences and I discovered I was curious and always willing. She asked me to drive while stroking my penis. Heather shared that she enjoyed seeing me play with my penis. Watching  masturbation was a turn on for her. During the drive Heather sucked on my penis, stroked my penis and I became really comfortable with continuously massaging and stroking my penis with one hand while I drove with the other. Today I enjoy engaging in everyday activities while stroking my penis. Just playing, not masturbating with the goal of cumming. Rather, enjoying the moment with my hand on my penis.


Heather told me she had a surprise for me after dinner with her parents. She drove me to an ice cream parlor for dessert. After ice cream, Heather drove to an adult bookstore. She  teased that we should go in and look around. I expressed surprise that she wanted to go into such a place as a woman. She said she was curious and wanted to buy me something. She guided me past the magazines and videos to the sex toy section. Heather pointed to a rack cock rings. She said that is our relationship ring. Heather grabbed multiple types and sizes because she told me it needed to fit comfortably because she wanted me to always wear it. We went to the checkout and purchased the cock rings and then she directed me to a door inside the store. She said this is where guys masturbate to videos. Heather said we can use this booth to try on the different rings. One is too tight. Another is a bit too big, because my balls keep sliding out. The third one is snug enough that I can tell it is there when I start to become aroused, but not too tight. Heather said she wanted me to keep the cock ring on 24/7. I mention that I think that is unsafe, but she insists. I keep it on and wait to see what happens. I forget that I am wearing a cock ring. I do not even notice. I still wear a cock ring 24/7 today. The one I wear now is very comfortable. I recommend Primal Rings. They are the best. The keyhole design is ingenious.

I would like to say Heather and I are still together enjoying crazy, kinky sexual experiences, but we broke up a few weeks after that night. After two months of a purely sexual relationship, I realized that seemed to be all she wanted. And, she never wanted me to wear protection. I felt more and more uneasy about the risk of pregnancy. She said she was on birth control, but her obsession with eroticism no longer seemed normal to me. But, maybe I was overreacting.



So I conducted an experiment to see if we could move beyond sex. I started saying no, and after two days she became angry that I had put her off for two days. I told her that it was over. That I needed more than a relationship focused on sex only.


That was the last time I saw Heather. She did not even return to school for the second semester of that freshman year.  I still have a 24/7 cock ring lifestyle and I still stroke my penis frequently during the day.








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