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Student Union Bar

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Why do guys seem to think dancers are lesbian or whores? Probably because, in my case at least, it’s true. Certainly we are physical beings and very aware of our bodies in a way most people aren’t. We are taught to feel movement to our extremities and to interpret music and other stimuli using every part of our bodies.  (Which led me into a very interesting discussion with a lecturer about orgasm in dance!)  Anyway, I was in the SU bar and....


...a guy I’ve seen before but not talke to made a completely fucked up attempt to chat me up. Loads of sickly ‘jokes’ and awkward body language. Honestly! I’d prefer it if he’d just said ‘Fancy a fuck?’ Because, frankly, I did! 

We left the bar and were headed for his room, but I had another idea. Instead, I steered him to one of the smaller dance studios. They remain open 24/7 and one or two of them have areas that can’t be seen from the door. Frankly, I fancied the risk of a site manager walking in on us! 

Once in there, all the ineptness of his conversation melted away. Bloody HELL he was a good kisser! Really good! Panty-wettingly good! By the time he had his hand between my legs I was moaning with lust. Of course, the piercings proved interesting, but you know, he had the courtesy to ask how I wanted him to touch it! Then, oh shit, then I found his cock! 


I swear, I’ve seen smaller pythons at London Zoo! My ex wasn’t exactly tiny, but this guy is hung like a fucking Horse! Once freed of his trousers it sprang up and must have been a good eight or nine inches long and I couldn’t wrap my fingers all the way around it either! Jeez! I knew in that second that I could never do without a cock now and then. 

Wanking him produced some nice moans and some pre-cum. Although I tried to take him in my mouth I couldn’t manage much more than just the head. Ah well....I can lick though! 

Then, this nice, well mannered boy said the one thing garuantees to make me cream myself even more than I already was. “Oh Becky. I want to bend you over that ballet bar and fuck your cunt, you dirty little whore!” Splat! A wave of fluid hit my panties and I grabbed the bar. He started to pull my panties down, but I asked him to leave them and just pull them aside. 

And then...


I can safely say I know now what childbirth must feel like. Oh, he took it slowly, but I was stretched so wide I really considered stopping. I’m glad I didn’t though because once he was fully in me it felt amazing. 

But what made me cum were his fingers. Oh my. Those fingers. It turns out he’s a music student and an organist. Beleive me, he played me beautifully. My clit, my nipples, and he did something to my bumhole...he didn’t finger it....it felt more like a rapid tapped with two fingers. Whatever, the whole orchestration of his fingers gave me an orgasm that made me scream.....and yes, I do mean scream! 

I felt him cum in me just as I came down from mine! He pulled out and I turned around just in time to see tears rolling down his face.

It turns out he has had many failed attempts at sex. The sheer diameter of his cock is, it must be said, fucking massive, and yes, it hurt me. It seems most girls he’s been with bottle it. I was his first proper fuck. (Aww....Becky deflowered a virgin!) 

I told him the secret is lubrication, natural'or artificial, and to go slowly, really slowly. The secret is also those magic fingers.

I felt I needed to make it clear that we weren’t likely to be a ‘couple’ any time, but maybe we could do it again now and then. 

He went back to his room and I walked (carefully) back to mine. Yep. I have a tricky conversation to have when a certain person gets back on Saturday. 



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