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Freshman Summer

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I have a friend from middle school over to watch a movie and what starts out as a harmless conversation turns into an experience that I'll never forget. To this day, it is one of the best sexual experiences of my life, and believe me... I've been around the block with both guys and gals. 

Matt and I were good friends but we weren't the closest. I had just moved to a suburb from Chicago and I did so at the end of the year so I didn't really have any ties to any other students there. There was a girl named Cindi at my new school that I really liked but other than making out and her letting me suck on her boobs a couple of times, it never really got anywhere. 

Matt and I met in advanced algebra and instantly clicked since he was also from Chicago but had moved out here a couple of years ago and lived in my apartment complex. 


I had experimented with my cousin Carlos and my friend Rob when I was thirteen and we were wrestling around in the laundry room in my apartment building at the time. However, with both Rob and my cousin, there was a bond that had built up for years, my cousin, being my cousin and Rob and I being best friends for several years. Matt and I had only met six months before this happened.



This story takes place a week before freshman year kicked off. He lived a couple of buildings from mine and we hung out all summer. We got really close as friends on our 8th grade field trip to Six Flags. I remember we walked home in the rain and we stopped at one of his friend's house to dry off.   


The rain finally stopped and we both walked home. I didn't see him for about half a month and one day, I was walking my dog and I saw him walking his dog as well. We would both make it a point to walk our dogs at the same time and would walk around our entire complex late into the night talking about all sorts of things. Comedy, philosophy, girls we liked, physics. I felt like we understood each other, more so than others. Though we were both smart, we weren't the stereotypical nerds. We both did ok in sports and were sort of popular in our school. We also both seemed to do ok with girls at the time. I lost my virginity at thirteen and he did on his 14th birthday. He was a few months younger than me since I got held back but he was a bit taller than me. I was about 5'3" and he was 5'5". I am full full-blooded Mexican and he was half-Mexican on his mother's side and his father was from Spain. He had a charm about him, and I always looked forward to hanging out with him, although I had never thought much of it. 



The day it happened, he got into a fight with his older sister, whom I openly had a hard crush on, and asked if he could come and hang out for a bit until things calmed down. I normally would ask my mom since she was strict but Matt was an exception to the rule since we were always at each other's houses and my mom and my stepdad were fighting. When this happened they would usually disappear until late in the evening trying to avoid each other and it was only one in the afternoon. That being said, I told him he could hang and take as long as he needed for things to cool down. We popped in Terminator 2 and just sort of vegged out for a bit. We made light conversation and something I said struck a nerve and he just started venting everything he had bottled up inside. I felt for the guy since I was also having problems at home. He broke down and started crying and this completely embarrassed him. I remember the look of shame and seeing him turn bright pink because he was ashamed that I was watching him cry. At that age, crying for any boy in front of his friends is a big deal. He got up, looked at me and said, "I'll be right back..." and walked towards my room. He would hang out in there by himself sometimes so it wasn't anything weird for him to isolate himself in my room. I guess he felt comfortable there. I asked him if he wanted me to pause the movie and he didn't answer. I heard my bedroom door close, paused the movie and I just sat there hoping he would gather himself and come back out. 



I went into the kitchen to make a couple of sandwiches hoping he would be back in the living room by the time I was done. About ten minutes later I had lunch ready for us and he still was nowhere to be seen. I decided to bring him lunch into my room so I knocked on my door to let him know I was coming in and had some lunch for us. He was sitting at my desk with his arms crossed and staring down. I set the plate in front of him and he said he wasn't hungry. I told him he would feel better if he were to eat something. He said he just wanted to be alone and got up to leave. I told him I could wrap up lunch for him in case he got hungry later. He said, "Don't bother, I'll be ok.." I set my plate next to his on the desk and figured I'd walk him to the building door. As I did that he stood up and he started to tear up again. I looked into his eyes and just hugged him. As soon as I did he started crying on my shoulder. I held him and rubbed his back for a couple of minutes but didn't do much of it. I was just trying to comfort my friend. Once he calmed down we let go of each other and I pointed him over to a box of tissues on my nightstand so that he could wipe his tears. He sat on my bed and cleaned himself up. I sat next to him and put my arm around him and gave him a friendly squeeze and told him it was gonna be ok. He thanked me and apologized for his outburst and said he felt embarrassed and should probably go but would still take me up on the "to go" lunch. I asked him where he was going to go and he said he wasn't sure. I told him it was alright and he didn't have to leave. I told him I knew he would have done the same for me... His hair was kind of a "skater" cut, mind you this was 1995. I brushed his hair from one of his eyes and smiled. We were both facing each other sitting on my bed at this point with one leg crossed and one still hanging off the edge of the bed. 



I gently squeezed both of his shoulders and, though I don't know what possessed me to say it at the time, softly told him, "I love you."  He leaned in again for what I thought would be a hug but, due to the fact that we both leaned into the same direction, our faces touched. I don't know if it was the heat of the moment, or something that we had both been building up inside towards each other but we just started kissing. 



At first it was just our lips pressed together softly while we hugged for what was probably a few seconds. We broke the kiss and pulled away slightly still with our arms slightly around each other. He was about to say something but something came over me and I pulled him to me and started kissing him again and let me tell you, the intensity was definitely a lot stronger. Just picture two teenage boys with hormones just racing through every inch of our bodies. 



At this point we were in a heated make-out session. Our tongues dancing in our mouths and you could hear our nostrils struggling to keep the oxygen supply in our bodies going. I took charge and slowly climbed on the bed so that he ended up lying on his back while we were making out. Though he was taller than me, I was a bit more muscled so I had the weight advantage. Our arms let go of each other but our mouths never parted ways. I kicked my shoes off with help from my bed frame and used my hands to take his shoes off. I stood up for a brief moment letting him scoot closer to the center of the bed and lowered myself gently on him while we resumed our make-out session. By now I was lying next to him with one arm and leg on him and the top part of my torso as well. Kind of the way one would lay on a body pillow. We kept kissing and my hands reached under his shirt and started rubbing his bare chest. He took my hand and guided it toward his nipple and I started gently rubbing and pinching it while we continued to make out. I stopped and lifted myself up for a moment lifting his shirt up. He took the hint and sat up to take his shirt off.



I stood up and took my shirt off as well. I paused for a moment to look down at him on my bed. I don't know why but I started to undo my belt. Though it was summer, I had always preferred to wear jeans. He stood up too and for a brief second, I felt like he had changed his mind but he pulled down his gym shorts and his boxers. I took this as a sign and pulled down my boxers along with my pants and kicked my socks off. 



I'll never forget how he looked in front of me that day. He was slender with barely any body fat. His dick wasn't fully hard but it was slightly pointing to his left and he was uncircumcised just like me. I could see the gleam of precum shining through the opening in his foreskin. His dick head was visible and it was glossy from his precum. His piss slit looked big and pink through the opening of his foreskin and the head seemed to be a lighter pink from where I was standing. His legs were slightly hairy and he had a strawberry blonde happy trail from his navel down to his dick. His balls hung nicely but not too low. Mind you, this is what I gathered for just a brief few seconds. The rest of his body was smooth. I was a bit stockier with a bit of fat on me but not much. I was smooth except for my dick and my balls which had jet-black pubes and hung a bit, but not as much as his. We were both around 5.5 inches fully erect at the time. I was also uncircumcised. Though my body was also a bit pale, it was a bit darker than his. 



We instinctively pulled each other close again... This time fully naked and pressed our bodies together while we continued to make out. I spun us around in mid-kiss so that I had my back to the bed this time and sat down. I pulled him from his forearm down on top of me and he just followed my lead. Our legs wrapped around each other while we kept kissing. We started to move our hips into each other and I could feel my dick getting hard against his thigh and his on mine as we kept humping. I broke the kiss and told him to stay on his back. I stood up on the bed and straddled him. I did this by slowly lowering myself on top of him. As I lowered myself I felt the side of my dick touch the side of his and it was like electricity shooting through our bodies. He propped himself on his elbows as he looked toward his crotch with a surprised look on his face. I made eye contact with him and as I did, my balls gently rested on his as I lowered myself on his lap. 



Our balls pressed firmly against each others' and I guess he must have felt the same thing I was because he whispered, "Oh, fuck," and laid back down flat on the bed with his hands locked behind his head and his eyes closed. His chest was moving up and down as his breathing got heavier. I took both of our dicks in my left hand and started stroking them as I lowered my body so that I could suck on his nipples. He started laughing a little. I later found out that it was because his nipples are very sensitive and the way I was moving my tongue on them was tickling him a bit. I didn't care at the moment because not only was he laughing but he was also wiggling his body underneath mine making our balls and dicks grind together nicely. I tried to keep this going but it was a bit too much. 



I lined up our dicks so that the bottoms of our shafts were sliding together as well as our balls. I decided to stop sucking his nipples (mainly his right one) as slowly kissed up to his neck. By now my body was completely on top of his and I started kissing his neck and he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close so that we were ear to ear and kept on grinding our dicks together. His moans were amazing and I was moaning as well. After a few minutes of this I told him to sit up real quick and sat opposite him on the bed so that we were facing each other. I told him to lie on his back and spread his legs and lift them up in a "v" formation. He looked confused but at this point he was so turned on he just went with it. I spread my legs on my back like one would do if they were on bottom in a missionary position and scooted myself towards him. I felt his body between my legs now as he was lying on his back and I sat up to get a better view. 



My dick was resting on his balls now and I began massaging his balls and the underside of his cock with my right hand. His breathing got heavier and he let out a loud, "Holy fuck!" I told him to give me his hands and keep his legs spread while he tucked his knees to his chest. As soon as our hands had a firm grip on each others', I laid back in the same pose he was in. I told him to put the soles of his feet flat on mine and when he did, the bottom of our ass cheeks made contact and so did our balls. I told him to pull me toward him and as he did I could feel our taints make contact. We just started rocking back and forth pulling our bodies toward each other as hard as we could. To know that the part between our balls and asshole were pressed together was amazing!!!! I started to flex my taint on his and I felt his flex a little as he let out a high pitched yelp. We did this for about five minutes and then sat back up. We switched into a scissors-like position. We wrapped our arms and legs around each other and explored with our hands as we made out again. I felt the soles of my feet meet behind his lower back and I felt his manhood pulsing against mine. I took his balls and started rubbing them against mine with my hand. By then, we both slowed down, leaned back a bit and just took the time to admire what was happening on my bed in between our legs. He started tugging on my dick while I massaged our balls together and then he scooted back a bit after a couple of minutes of this. 



I don't know how long our lower chakras were connected but as soon as there was a space between the center of both of our legs the breeze that this separation, though small, made finally let some air flow between our bodies and it felt like someone blew a fan into that space. He pulled back his foreskin and told me to do the same. He slowly and carefully lined our dick heads together and our piss slits connected. He pulled his foreskin over mine and tried to cover both of our heads but it was too much for me so I moved his hand away and quickly yet gently pulled his foreskin over my dick head so that it could cover both of our heads since I knew by now that my nut had reached the point of no return and I was fighting against time. Right as his foreskin was halfway over my cock head I couldn't hold it... I just started pumping load after load which triggered him to do the same. I felt our warm teen goo mix inside his cock head. It was like an electric connection to feel our dicks shoot inside his foreskin. Unless you've experienced it, there's no easy way to explain it. Both of our dicks were coated with sperm. I just grunted loudly and he did the same. I could feel his thighs shake against mine while he was cumming. To this day, it is still one of the best orgasms I've ever had!



We both just dropped on our backs with our legs still in a loose scissors position. Neither of us said anything. I inched my body closer to him while I was recovering until I felt the tip of his soaking dick rest on my balls. I could feel it flex a couple of times against my sack. I gently massaged his leg and he did the same to me. Without saying a word, we just lay there for what must have been ten minutes. 



He asked me to lift my leg as he got up and just like that, the magic had died. I got up too and I could see we were both soaked in our juices. There was a wet spot from where we were on the bed. Most of it from our juices and our sweat! I told him he could shower if he wanted and I'd find him a towel. He said thanks and headed to the bathroom. I went to the linen closet and grabbed two towels and two washcloths. He was already in the shower by the time I walked into the bathroom. I rested two towels on top of the toilet seat and without saying a word, washcloths in hand, I just climbed into the shower with him. He didn't seem to mind that I was in there with him. We both didn't say much as this was a very intense, unexpected, and very confusing moment for both of us. We didn't touch each other other than when our bodies brushed against each other as we took turns getting under the shower head. We dried off, went to my room and got dressed. 



Once we were dressed in my room again I told him we might as well eat lunch since it was still on my desk. While he started eating I decided I might as well wash the towels, washcloths and my bedding since it all needed to be done at this point. He asked if I needed help but I said it was ok. I had been doing my own laundry since I was 10 so it wasn't a big deal. Lucky for me, the laundry was just across the hall from my apartment. 



He was still sitting on my desk after I put the laundry in and seemed like he couldn't make sense of what happened. I told him that I was really happy that we did what we did. He looked at me with a confused yet relieved look and softly said, "I still can't believe we just did that. I liked it... Like, a lot but I don't want things to change." I told him, "Nothing has to change, we can do stuff like this again if you want, if not it's fine. You're the closest friend I have out here and I meant what I told you earlier. I really love you but it doesn't have to mean anything you don't want it to." 



He seemed a bit more relaxed about it and I told him, "Tell you what, let's just get back to the movie, I'll make us some popcorn and we can walk with my dog over to your place and take both dogs out for a walk like we normally do. Nothing has to change." He chuckled and said, "Yeah, that bitch won't take him out and I always end up having to clean it up." We both laughed and went about the rest of our day. 



Though we did talk about it a couple of times, we never did anything like this again and I ended up moving half a year later across the airfield. By the time Christmas came along, we barely talked anymore. I don't know if he regrets our experience. I just think life ended up pulling us in different directions.

Sorry for the long story. I will post about Carlos and Rob some other time. I still masturbate to this experience. I wonder if he does too. I never did know what became of him. I probably never will. 



In retrospect, if not going through that sexual encounter with him would have somehow made it so that we remained close as friends, I probably would have made an effort to stop myself. Hormones have a weird way of making some of the best experiences we go through a tad bit regrettable at times. 



Hope y'all enjoyed it. 



I'll post again soon. 




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