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Missed Message

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It begins with the typical instant messaging between friends. I was chatting with my friend Dave, 19, and after a I while decided to hang out that afternoon. So, I told him I would stop by his place and pick him up. He replied sure, but the thing I missed was his last message that said come in a half hour, I need to shower. Since I didn't get that message I had left pretty much right away.

Dave and I are both 19, went to the same high school together, and started college together in the same program. We have a lot in common: TV, movies, people, foods, etc. We are both straight and both lost our virginity when we were 15, and we have been through many relationships since then

When I arrived at Dave's house (20 minutes early) I knew he was alone so I just walked in his house which was normal for both of us. His room was in the basement along with his own bathroom. I walked down the stairs and I didn't hear anything, so I walked around the corner to his room where the door was wide open. I looked in to see Dave naked and wet on his bed stroking his hard seven-and-a-half-inch cut cock. Now we have seen each other naked a thousand times in the locker rooms at school and the gym we both have a nice build but we have never seen each other with an erection and/or jerking off. There was something about seeing him in that state was kind of a turn on. Feeling guilty and thinking that he would be embarrassed I made a quick retreat up the stairs as quiet as I could but I heard him get up and saw his shadow walking over to the stairwell. I turned around acting like I just got to his house and hadn't seen anything. He looked up at me and told me I was early as he was holding his hard-on which I was pretending not to notice. So he invited me into his room as he was still stroking. He explained the missed message and how he was in the shower and he than proceeded to show me that he had shaved his pubes to make his body nice and smooth like mine and I looked really good. Then he said that he was really horny and he was in the middle of jacking off. He asked me if I was horny too, and if I had jerked today which I said no since I hadn't. So he walked over to his TV still stroking his cock and put in a porn movie. He said well don't just stand there and watch join in. We have never talked about masturbation except for joking around and have never jacked with each other. I sat down in his computer chair and proceeded to take my clothes off and pulled out my seven-and-a-half-inch cut cock and started stroking. Dave reached under his bed and pulled out a tube of lube and lubed up and passed it over to me and lubed up as well. We sat there jerking our cocks while watching the porn and talking about how we wish we were porn stars. After about ten minutes Dave started to moan and curse and scream for God. Then he stopped, reached back under his bed and pulled out a two-liter pop bottle that was full of cum. He looked at me and asked if I was ready to cum which I was. So I said yeah and he said just a sec he then blew a huge load of cum into the bottle and passed it over to me where I blew my load into the bottle as well. He then looked at me and said F**K dude that was a massive load have you been holding that for months? I just laughed. We hung out naked for a bit watched the rest of the porn movie. We then got dressed and went to the mall for some Christmas shopping and some chick hunting which got us both horny again.

We talked about it and thought it was a lot of fun and a great way to relieve that sexual tension and stress. So it may be event that will happen again.

Happy Jerking



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