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Freaky Solo Sex on the Road

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Last year I had a job which required me to travel out of state for several days at a time. My husband encouraged me to take along our sex toys, (purchased through sex toy parties) so that we could have 'phone sex' at night and he could tell me how he wanted me to masturbate, then he could masturbate to the sounds of me getting off 'for him' (Hee Hee).

Now, certain states have more relaxed attitudes toward the sex toy industry, and I happened to have a job going on in a state with sex toy stores and strip clubs all along the interstates. By the way, I regularly drive down the interstates with my hand in my pants masturbating myself, occasionally licking my fingers, hoping some trucker gets his rocks off at the sight. When I can't take it anymore I pull off at a rest area, climb in the back and finger my aching pussy until I cum.

All week long I tried to get up the nerve to enter one of these stores so I could surprise my husband with the description of my new toy. Finally, on my last night, I did it. I went to the toy store, (at the truck stop, next to the strip club), and bought myself several new toys, two vibrating ones, another which not only vibrated, but had a little suction bulb, a gel dildo, which I intended to use in my ass, a suction bulb to 'inflate' my nipples, which also came with a set of little latex rings to keep them erect, and a lesbian magazine, (I like to look at images of two women together, though I told my hubby the magazine was a gift for him).

I couldn't wait, I went to the gas station restroom and immediately applied suction to my nipples and slipped on my new nipple rings, 'strapped on' a vibrating dildo thingy with a remote control you stick in your pocket. The dildo also twisted around while it vibrated. I drove nine or ten more miles down the highway with that thing on high. By the time I reached my exit my pussy was on fire and my panties were soaked.

I checked into my motel, last room at the end, and as I was unloading the car, I couldn't help notice the room next door was occupied by four attractive men, probably in their late 20's or early 30's. They were wearing shorts, and no shirts. They were all tan and in pretty good shape, physically. It was hot, July, and they had the door to their room wide open, and they were sitting in front of it, playing cards.

My first thought was kind of panicky, (being a woman travelling alone), and I noticed that these men had all taken notice of the short shorts and (nipples poking through) the tank top I wore for my long drive. I'm not a small girl, mind you, but I do have C cup tits, long, thin legs, and a tight smooth ass, which my honey brown hair hangs past. I look pretty damn good in a pair of short shorts, and my tits were kind of hanging out of my top. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have taken all of my gear into the motel room with me, but this time I made several trips to the car, hauling in all my equipment, laptop, stuff I really don't need until I get to my jobsite. I couldn't help but start to have delicious fantasies about my 'neighbors' as I unloaded the car, bending over, dropping things, just so I could bend over in front of their door to pick them up. Now, I would never cheat on my husband, but fantasies don't count.

Well, what happened next seems unbelievable, but I swear to God it's true. I unpacked my collection of sex toys and laid them out on the bed. I had just lubed up my ass and inserted my new dildo, and was looking through my new lesbian sex magazine when the phone in my room rang. My husband was at work until midnight, so I hadn't even called him yet to tell him where I was. I answered it, and the voice on the other end of the line asked if this was the number to call for 'phone sex'. I nearly came right at that moment!!

Not ever having been one to think clearly when I am surprised, I said 'No, you have the wrong number', and the voice on the other end asked, 'Are you sure I haven't called the right number for some phone sex?'. You guessed it, I missed my chance!! I 'know' it was those guys next door, all they had to do was dial my room number, 17. I was shocked and surprised, but I have to admit, I was looking into their room and giving 'looks', if you know what I mean. (Maybe I had the flushed look of a woman who's sexually aroused, or maybe just the scent from my soaking wet pussy had wafted into their room.) Oh, who am I kidding, I was blatantly flirting with all that bending over and stuff, I guess I shouldn't be surprised! Ha Ha!

I hung up the phone and masturbated for two and a half hours thinking about those guys (and all that man meat) next door! I had some of the best orgasms of my life! That gel dildo pumping in and out of my ass while I stroked my shaved mound and furiously fingered my clit and applied my new suction thingy, my God, I came hard! It was all I could do to keep from screaming! I spread the scent of my cum all over my tits, and face, I LOVE the smell (and taste) of my pussy.

When I (cautiously) left my room later to get something to eat I noticed their car was gone, and I almost stopped at the strip club down the road when I saw it parked there, but if I had, I'm afraid this would have been more than a masturbation story! I was afraid of what I may have started with them, and with myself.

When I called my husband later that night and told him about my new toys, he asked me if I was ready to break them in for him, I said yes, but I had to pretend that my poor pussy wasn't worn out from before!! After checking to make sure my neighbors were still out, I had a great phone sex session with my husband, and this time I let myself SCREAM! He wanted me to try out all my new toys, and I tried to keep count, but I'm not sure if I was able to. I think I orgasmed more than twenty times that day.

I hope that one of my 'neighbors' reads this, and considers it the 'phone sex' he never got. If you do, comment on this story and tell me how you masturbated to it!



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