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Fountain Cum

Posted by: Age: 18 Posted on: 5 comments
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High enough to put off a bipolar crash have incredible oral sex with my fantatically beautiful dealer.


I can't breathe. It seemed only a moment ago I was so happily high, Energy pouring from every inch of me, pleasure dispersing even the darkest depression and scattering it to the ends of the universe. Day after luscious day. Lovely tryst's with so many lovely girls. Brit, my coffee shop toy was my favorite. Perfect weather, perfect sex, endless energy, sexy lost weight, I swear I never needed to eat. I could run for days. I let my manic side thrive.

I can't breathe. It's crashing down now all around me. And I want is one last good fuck before I go to hell. This dark alley is perfect. Offers anonymity, and enough noise to cover over my moans and tears. No one will find me here for a few days at least.

I can't have another girl, can't even find the words to talk much less flirt. And no one wants this version of me. Black tiny flirt skirt, and braless green velvet tank. Tall black boots, and piled up purple hair. I looked incredible when I went out, two days ago.

My mind goes back. God she was beautiful. I mean, sleeping with your dealer is kind of a bad idea maybe, but it seemed brilliant at the time. Easy access. Hell, shed feed them to me like candy to get me to do anything she wanted. And I never minded.

Like this one time, we're standing in front of the Kellogg street fountain, it must have been after two. Pitch dark. Ridiculously warm for an early may night. I was floating on the edge of an earlier high and she pulls me to her, kisses me hard and I feel the extacy side down my throat. I know dam well that's going to mix with my oxy and I wait for it to wash over me. Oh god so good.

And there in front of me stands an ebony goddess. Naked. Tiny diamond glinting from her navel. A chocolate voice tells me to step into the fountain.
I actually don't remember taking my clothes off but im naked and the water flows over my skin, drenching my hair. Little rivulets flow over my shoulders and run down my breasts dripping off their tips.

She's standing there on the concrete, moonlight glinting off gold extensions long enough to brush the deep curve of her ass, and I am touching myself already.

The water is doing most of the work and all I feel is a haze of pleasure, and desire, and the impression of being able to make it last and last and last forever. This is because I'm cycling out and I've already fallen so far that soon the drugs won't mask it anymore. But that is gone for now.

I'm washing my hair in the spray and the water is shooting both up and down continuously. I straddle a rising shoot and it is pulsing against my pussy driving my need. But I can wait, the oxy let's me wait. Slowly she walks toward me.

In a languid movement she sits on the edge on the fountain wall, back to me and leans her head back till it's blocking most of the spray. Her hair is flying wildly in the water being pressed up against the insides of my thighs in wild unpredictable movements. And she opens her mouth and her tongue licks my clit. Then swirling around she tastes me.

I am teasing her beautiful breasts now and sliding my hands up and down the long extended neck that's been handed to me on a platter when she begins to suck. Water is spraying hard on my nipples from both sides pouring down through my hair, her extensions are running the insides of my things and I am so far out of control I can't rationalize myself at all.

And as I cum she sucks me off rubbing my clit again and again till I can't stand, can't endure one more wave. Im holding her shoulders now to keep from falling and everything is rainbow colored and fuzzy and blissful. Finally she stops and stands in front of me again, but I see the tremble, know how she likes it, know exactly how close she is even right this moment.

I walk out of the fountain, stand in front of her and slip my hand inside. Dropping slowly to my knees I tip my porcelain my face up to watch her. I run my hands down her long beautiful arms and when I reach her fingers I place them on my shoulders. Then I press her thighs apart from the inside and feel the weight of her settle on me.
I lick the inside of those thighs and she's already shaking when my tongue finds her totally ready just as I knew it would. So I don't use it. I place my mouth completely over her and suck in a long slow stream, softly at first, then harder and harder until she grunts and gasps and slides down onto the concrete.

Another time she took me from behind over a balcony high above the river ..

But those days were in the past and now I was yet again back where it began. I could call my best friend right now and she would take me to safety and controlled treatment, and never speak to me again, or I could lie here, remembering, letting the overdose that was already taking me finally end the cycle.

I can't breathe.



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