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Two Pussys Don't Pop... Or Do They

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(names have been changed)
I was new at school and Mia was a very nice girl, we became friends and started to sleep over each others house EVERY weekend. We were the best of friends, one day I told her I was bi and had done things with girls before. She would always say 'two pussy's don't pop'. So one day we were over my house my mom was teaching us a dance for church and then had to leave to go pick up her Boyfriend. Mia started to rub her legs on me and playfully fight and wrestle me, which I now know was so she could get close to me. She insisted on teaching me how to switch my hips and get a guys attention, which I did not get right. She would put her hands on my hips and complimented me on them. Later that night we were laying on my bed talking and started playfully biting each other. She then got on top of me straddled me and laid down on me and bit my shoulder, and I bit her back... this went on for about 5 minutes. She then started to bite my neck and make her way up, then her bites turned into kisses up my neck and across my cheek to my mouth. We kissed and then began to kiss wildly, she was all off the edge of the bed and everything. I lead my hand down her stomach and in between her legs. I tried touch her breast but she wouldn't let me. I slipped a finger in her and she moaned and startled me and I took it out. I thought I had hurt her or something. So then we kissed some more and I tried slipping my finger in her again this time she was less loud and I began to finger her. She moaned and moaned and I stopped kissing her and focused on fingering her. She then stopped me and fingered me. After that she decided we take off out pants. She got down and stuck two fingers in me and fingered me so good I had to moan. I licked and kissed her neck as she did. She cummed and then I cummed and we lay on the floor holding each other after wards. And then she said... 'hey you forgot to call Rickey back'. I got up went and got the phone and we talked, Rickey was my lover boy. All the while I was on the phone with him, she was rubbing my breast and kissing my neck, making these gnawing sounds leaving RIckey to ask what are y'all doing. And then we did some homework, and went to bed in each others arms. That was the best night of my life



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