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Forbidden Fruit

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There’s nothing so sweet as forbidden fruit, they say, and the daughter next door to me is such. 




Jessica, well, I’ve known her since I bought this tiny little two-bedroom house since hers is next door. We have long, thin gardens at the back, and tiny little ones at the front that more people have concreted over and use as additional parking. Well, it was cheap, and I needed a roof over my head while I save up for something less depressing. 


So, Jessica, then. She was 15 turning 16 when I moved here, and since our gardens face South, we get summer sun pretty much all day. There’s a ‘sweet spot’ in the garden that is sunlit no matter where the sun is in the sky, and it’s there that Jess would sunbathe in her bra and panties whenever her mum wasn’t home. (Her dad left after she was born.) 



Also that summer, when she knew she had the house to herself, that trainer bra would be taken off! I saw her tits grow from almost imperceptible bee-stings to pleasant, firm ‘A’s and then into the early territory of ‘B”s where they remained, no matter how tall she got. 



By the time she was 16, going on 17 she was confident enough to tug her bikini (by then) bottoms off and indulge in a little naked sunbathing. I saw the patch of hair between her legs…..right up until it was gone! One day, she’d obviously either decided to shave, or had fallen in with the crowd and gone along with peer pressure to shave. 



Thing is, Jess didn’t give a rat's ass that I saw her. She would often come to the fence and talk to me with her pert little tits clearly on display, and me trying hella hard not to stare at them…or worse, reach for a quick feel. She absolutely knew I saw her naked on multiple occasions. 



Usually, she faced with her head at the house end, but then she took to reversing her position. Now it was feet towards the house, and worse (better?) still, she would place the soles of her feet together and let her knees flop either side of the lounger to fully expose herself. 



By now, she was about two weeks off being 17, but was tall for her age and could easily pass for 19 or even 20. I could imagine (and often did) her being dressed up in a little black dress and makeup, having no difficulty entering a club or other age-restricted venue.  



The human male is, I’m sure, triggered by shape. We are hardwired to notice tits, hips, bums, and when a pussy is spread wide before us, well, we’re only human. But of course, I did know her age, therefore there was no way in hell I was ever going to do anything for real. 



In Fantasyland, however, it was a very different story. I admit I began to look more closely thanks to a very good pair of Zeiss binoculars. The first few times I saw that delightful pussy the lips were close together, but sometimes, I noticed, they weren’t. They’d be spread open, and thanks to the clarity of these things, I saw a whiteish creamy discharge. There was no doubt in my mind Jessica was getting turned on either just by exposing her sex in such a wanton way, or that she knew or suspected her neighbour was watching…or might be. 



Sometimes, she’d lie naked for a while, legs spread, then go back in the house for five or ten minutes. Then she’d come back out again, looking flushed. Well, she had to be masturbating didn’t she? Flashing the guy next door (me) then rubbing herself off. All practice for being 18 I  guess, and exploring her sexually attractive quotient. 



Now, don’t get the idea I stood in my back bedroom window, binoculars clamped to my face and dick in hand all day every day. It wasn’t like that at all. Sometimes, I’d be working in the garden, and she’d trip out from her house stark naked. She really didn’t give a rat’s ass if I saw her or not - in fact, I rather think she enjoyed it. Sometimes, she’d talk to me, again stark naked, sometimes she wouldn’t be right up against the fence where all I could see were her tits, sometimes, she’d be far back enough for me to see her smooth mound. This wasn’t flirtation 101. This was PhD level flirtation. Maybe she instinctively knew she was safe doing it with me. I don’t know. 



At the time, I didn’t have a partner, and my right hand was all the relief I had. A little eye candy went a long way to help. Sometimes, Jess’s conversation might turn a little sexual. She knew I was a scientist, but didn’t know I spent my days with stained sheets, blood and semen samples, DNA swabs and things that had a smell you think you’ll never rid yourself of. Forensics is fascinating and I’d never want to do anything else, but it can be horridly long hours, and can smell appallingly, and some of the stories behind the samples we test would break your heart. 



But how do you respond when an almost 18-year-old, who is stark naked, tells you, “Mmm….I love sunbathing naked. I don’t care who sees me. In fact, the thought of someone seeing me makes me tingle…..down there.” Clearly flirtatious, but also equally clearly ‘practice’ flirtation. If I’d have said, “Ok, let’s fuck,” she’d have run screaming. 



I am 100% sure Jess used it to get horny, and usually went indoors for a wank. But sometimes, I’d see one hand dangerously close to her crotch, and now and then a finger would stray between her labia and I’d see it moving, barely perceptibly. Usually, that would be that, but one day I watched as she overcooked it and made herself cum. The hand between her legs was far less interesting than that agonised expression on her face. Brow furrowed, mouth open, head lifted off the pillow, her body wracked with a series of spasms… an exquisite agony to be sure, but wow….what an expression. For the year or so I watched her, until another woman came into my life, let’s just say my back bedroom lower right window pane was the cleanest in the house! 




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