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Football Fun

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schooltime secrets...


When I was about 15 I was on the school football team. You know how like the coach and maybe one of your teammates slap your butt and say good job? Well there was one guy, lets call him T, that did it every day even if we lost a game. It wasn't even a little play slap, I could tell he liked me.

One day we were in the showers and me and T were the last two in the showers. The showers had a door so you would know when someone was coming in or going out. And T just kept staring at my dick and it was really starting to freak me out because I am straight and I really didn't want to like have sex with him or anything. But he walked over to me and touched my butt without me noticing so I jumped like a foot in the air. He just smiled and walked over to his own shower head. We were like best friends so I thought if I told him to stop he wouldn't be my friend anymore. But I needed to talk to him so I invited him to stay at my house over night.

We were sitting in different sleeping bags on my floor in my room when I blurted out for absolutely no reason in a random conversation, 'Why the hell do you keep touching me?!' He just kind of stared at me with wide eyes and said, 'I'm gay' and then he leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I had no idea what to do so I kissed him back. He put his hand down my pants are started to jack me off. It felt so good! So I returned the favor by jacking him off as well. We both started moaning and groaning and to this day I am still so surprised that my parents didn't walk in on us. When I finally exploded I remember I almost yelled. It was one of my most intense orgasms ever. He just smiled and liked the cum off his hands. I told him that I couldn't keep going so he finished himself off. Afterwards I told him I wasn't gay but that experince sure was fun. I never told my parents and I don't think he told his but hw moved away the next summer.

I never saw him until 2 years ago at our 20 year school reunion and he still had the same muscular tan body. When I saw him I almost wanted to jack him off right then and there. I was pretty sure he noticed me but every time I tried to talk to him he avoided me. He has changed a lot. Now I'm married and his boyfriend seemed nice. Hope other people have better luck than I did. Happy jacking!



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