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Jackin With My Middle School Bud

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True story
My name's Jack and this is a story from when I was just starting sixth grade. I wasn't very tall and not in great shape. I wasn't overweight, just still kinda baby fat. I had brown hair, green eyes, and a four inch dick I loved to play with whenever I could. I made friends with a boy named Thomas at the bus stop. We had similar interests in music and comics and sat next to each other on the bus. He was in sixth grade too. He was a lil taller than me and in good shape in comparison. He had black hair, blue eyes, and a kinda large nose. His Dad was part Italian he said. We would ride bikes back to one of each other's houses sometimes, normally his house since his Mom worked long hours at a hospital and his Dad lived out of state. For the first couple months of school our relationship was normal enough. We played a lot of video games and hung out and shot the shit. One day on the bus on the way home I mentioned something about playing PS2 at his house and he said he had to do some stuff first. 'Oh alright.' I said, I could sense some sort of tension from him. 'What kinda stuff?' 'Well, honestly..' he looked at me kinda nervously. 'My Mom's been home the past two days and I haven't been able to...ya know' and he made a hand gesture all guys recognize as jacking off. I laughed, this was the first either of us had mentioned the topic. I told him I understood and that was the end of the covo. A couple months later Thomas was staying the night at my house for the second time. After the bus conversation he had kinda become a fixation of my sexual thoughts. He was the first person to ever expose that side of themselves to me so an attraction began. I mentioned I had Cinemax while we were playing Grand Theft Auto. 'Holy shit really?!?' he said, blowing up a couple cars on the screen. 'Yeah, I thought I told you before. Late night they've got some pretty good porn on' I said. We were both wearing t-shirts, boxers, and gym shorts and I could feel my dick beginning to stir. 'We should definitely check it out later' Thomas said nonchalantly. Not a minute later he was adjusting himself in his shorts. My mind was racing with the possibility of us watching porn together. Around one am my parents were asleep and we were both in separate beds under the covers. I flipped through the channels and Thomas told me to turn to Cinemax. A girl was sexily talking to a man and we could tell it was a porn. We both whooped and started talkin about it and making fun of it. The music kicked in and all of a sudden they were naked and going at it. The small talk started winding down. I was hard as a rock absently squeezing my four inch rod through my boxers under the covers. I thought I could see some movement under Thomas' blanket but I wasn't sure. The scene was getting hotter and Thomas had stopped all talking. I saw his other hand disappear under the covers, he had to be jackin it! 'This is pretty hot huh?' I croaked, my throat dry. Thomas agreed. I asked if he was enjoying himself and he tried to play dumb. 'I just saw your hand moving under the covers!' I said. He laughed and turned to look at me and caught me with my hands under the covers too. We laughed about it. 'Well I'm gonna have to jack off now for sure' he said. I agreed and we got silent. I continued to half watch the porn and Thomas' increasingly obvious jerking motions. We were both getting pretty into it when the porno scene ended and went back to the stupid 'plot' part of the flick. We both groaned our disapproval but continued jerking slower and poking fun at the storyline. Another sex scene started shortly after and Thomas reached under the covers and pulled off his boxers saying 'I guess I don't need these hahaha' I thought I would dry cum any minute it was so hot. I hadn't gone all the way through puberty or shot a wet load yet. Through the glow of the TV I watched Thomas jerk harder and faster under the covers. I had fished my own dick out through the fly of my boxers, trying not to orgasm before him. Eventually I could hear the faint sound of his hand slapping his balls and I actually let out a small moan I thought it was so sexy sounding. Thomas laughed at me a bit saying I sounded like the bitch in the flick haha. His voice sounded strained. This scene in the movie was particularly long and involved two women and a man. Thomas' jerking was at it's fastest and I could tell we were both on edge. 'Hey uhh, Jack?' Thomas asked shakily. 'Yeah?' I managed. 'Where should I uh, shoot this?' he said. I could feel my balls tighten after he said this. 'Oh shit, well I don't know man!' I said really fast not sure what to do. Thomas kinda grunted and I could hear his fist flying over his boner. 'Well fuck! I'm...uugh. Fuck!' he said kinda loud. I'll never forget what he did next. He whipped the covers off very fast, exposing himself from mid thigh and up. I saw his dick, probably an inch bigger than mine, and he even had a small dark patch of pubes! I just had a few hairs growing in! Thomas was pulling on his balls when he grunted again and small white strands of jizz shot out filling his belly button and dripping down into his pubes. About four shots in all. He had grunted and moaned through it all and I moaned out seconds later as I dry cummed into my hand and convulsed in bed. We were silent for a couple seconds after but we both let out a long sigh at the same time which sent us into a giggle fit. Thomas picked up his boxers and wiped his cum up off his stomach and pubes. 'Hey do you think I could uh, borrow a pair of boxers?' he laughed. 'Yeah man, for sure' I got up and threw him a clean pair, my semi tenting the front of my underwear a bit. 'So where did you shoot your load?' Thomas asked slipping my boxers on. 'I uh, well I can't really...do that yet' I confessed. Thomas loved that fact, and teased me about it till we fell asleep that night. From that day on we were jerkin buds. Lots more stories to come if you guys like this one. Lemme know!



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