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Flying Lesson

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All I want to do is be a professional pilot, but if it makes me feel like this.....


I had my first flying lesson last week. My (female) instructor went over the pre-flight and briefing with me and told me this would be a general handling flight. Nothing drastic, just some rate one turns, climbing, descending and maybe a little about maintaining specific heights and airspeeds.

We taxied out to the active and then did the engine check. Sarah, my instructor told me that as there was almost no wind, and what little there was was coming right down the runway, she would let me do the take off under instruction. Then she smiled. 'Don't be surprised if your reaction to this is umm rather surprising.'

I was just about bursting with excitement anyway as we were cleared to line up then to take off.

'Eyes on the end of the runway, heels on the floor, smoothly apply full power' said Sarah 'Oh and you will need a little right rudder.' We rattled off down the runway, and I noticed that while Sarah was not touching the controls, she could do so in a heartbeat if I messed up. 'Airspeed building' she said. 'At 55 knots indicated, I want you to pull the control column backwards about two inches.' I glanced at the airspeed indicator, but Sarah said 'I'll tell you when.' Then it was 'OK.. Now.'

I eased back on the control column and the nose pitched up and I felt the mainwheels leave the ground. I had done my first ever take off! I felt the aircraft push me firmly in the ass as it climbed. I also felt something else, the unmistakable wetness in my panties when I get horny. Suddenly, I realised I was highly sexually aroused, and I mean.. HIGHLY. My clit was throbbing and I could actually feel the wetness spreading. I muttered something like 'Oh my!' Sarah merely smiled to herself. She made me continue the climb to 2000 feet and then said 'I have control.' I really needed her to fly for a while. I let go and leaned back in my seat. 'Well,' said Sarah 'I guess you have found out what many young pilots have found out. Powerful feeling, isn't it?' I said that I could not believe my bodies reaction. Sarah said it is not uncommon and that she has known some students actually climax. (Male AND Female) I said that it hadn't gotten that far, but pretty damn near. 'Do you want to finish?' For a moment I thought she meant the lesson, then the penny dropped. I sure as hell wanted to, but could I? I thought about it only for a second or two and decided that I would wait.

The rest of the lesson went really well. She even demonstrated a stall before we turned back to the field.

After we landed, she said 'You go take care of business before we do the post flight.' I took myself onto the airfield perimeter road. There are lots of old World War Two bunkers around the field (Did I mention I am living in the UK at the moment?) I went into one and leaned back against the cold brick wall. There was a smell in there of dampness and I could see that couples had used this place in the evening. There were used condoms on the floor and even a couple of pairs of panties. I jammed my hand up my skirt and into what was now the sopping slickness of my own panties. I barely even touched my clit before I practically exploded into an orgasm of such terrible strength that I actually peed myself.

I took my panties off and left them there with the others and went back to the school for my debrief. Sarah complimented me on the lesson and told me I had done far better than usual. Then she said 'Now, you may feel horny during some lessons, and airsick as all hell during others. Just go with it.'

That afternoon, I had my second lesson and although I DID feel horny, I was kinda expectng it and I took up Sarah's offer of finishing myself before we got stuck into the lesson. Not exactly the mile high club, but a self-induced cum at 5000 feet is about as close as I will ever get to it.

Since then I have had another five lessons. I didn't feel anything like as horny during those so I guess it was the first thrill of flying an aircraft.

But, I have masturbated myself silly at nights since. And to be totally honest, I have wondered about Sarah.... I am NOT lesbian, or, as far as I know, even bi, but I have fantasized about her and in particular touching her pussy over her panties.

Hmmm. Strange feelings indeed!



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