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Rain down on Me

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It has been only in the past few years that I have explored myself sexually through masturbation. Sometimes I ask myself, why and how did it take me so long to discover the pleasures of getting myself off??

It started out very innocently and slowly built to what is now an uncontrollable addiction.

My boyfriend appeared in my bathroom one night while I was taking a shower. As I emerged from the steamy downpour of what felt like warm rain, I opened my eyes to see him standing there, leaning against my vanity with his hand moving over a bulging erection in his pants. At first I was shocked. He has never seen me naked before and no one has ever just 'watched' me shower. My nipples instantly hardened and I could feel the insides of my thighs getting a different sort of wet. I knew that this feeling wasn't embarrassment but I really couldn't put my finger on the actual feeling.

Nothing was said between us, I just stared into his eyes as I noticed in my peripheral vision that he was fumbling to undo his pants. I reached for the cake of soap and lathered it between my warm hands. Starting at my pert breasts, I gently washed my body but to me it felt more like I was caressing myself. I cupped each breast with my soapy hands, gliding over my hard nipples. The sensation was waking something in me that I was unfamiliar with. I was standing there naked with the man I love feeling so sexy, so sensual and so turned on. But it was different for me, almost surreal. Although we were together, it was my hands tracing my wet body and it felt amazing. I closed my eyes just for a second and imagined it was he who slid his hand down my torso parting the lips of my wet pussy. Mmm, that felt good. My fingers glided down the lips of my vagina and I really felt the benefits of having a smooth shaven pussy. With the warm rain falling on my shoulders and gently hitting the curve of my lower back, I focused on the stream of warmth that filled the gap between my arse cheeks. I opened my eyes and delighted in the sight of this man in my bathroom, fully clothed, his hard cock out stroking it while watching me standing there naked, horny and very vulnerable. With one hand tugging at my nipple, I dipped my middle finger into the cavity of my smooth slippery pussy. My senses were heightened, I didn't want to miss out on anything!! I wanted to stare into his sexy eyes and at the same time, I wanted to watch him jack off in front of me... but wait, that wasn't enough!! I wanted to get off too. I could feel my legs getting weak as my fingers circled my exposed clit, creamy juices dripping from my smooth hot pussy. I had to brace myself with my other hand on the wall of the shower as I plunged my fingers into my wet hole. What has come over me? The thought crossed my mind but the feeling, OMG the feeling, it was just so horny. His pace increased as he stood there with bent knees pulling his cock while he watched me... Masturbate. I closed my eyes for another moment and focused on every single feeling I was experiencing! The hot water running down my arse, my tits getting squeezed and tugged for pleasure, my clit throbbing demanding attention and my fingers sloshing about in my bare pussy. Then I replayed that last thought in my head.. it was MY fingers in my pussy and Fuck, it felt good!!! I opened my eyes to ropes of cum shooting from his hard cock and that's when it happened, I had to catch myself from falling after having my first ever orgasm from masturbating!

After that first time, I was hooked!!! Thanks to Solo Touch, I can share that with you and you know exactly what I am talking about! We've explored so many ways of pleasure and masturbation and I'd love to share them with all of you but writing this story just made me so very horny. I think I may have to tend to my creamy bare pussy and make up for all that lost time!! Mmmm



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