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Flourishing Fetish

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How I developed my spit fetish.


Before I met my boyfriend Ray, I used to have a pretty normal masturbation routine. Using my hands, vibrator, and the occasional anal play was pretty normal for me, but I never ventured too far from my comfort zone.

Like many couples in today's world, once Ray & I started getting serious, we began texting each other dirty messages and eventually pictures and short videos. Well, this is where things get interesting. One day he admitted to me that he had a fetish for women's spit. I was confused, I had never heard of that before, nor did I even know that such a thing existed. Up until that point, the only experience I had with spit, was using it to wet my clit when I wanted a strictly clitoral orgasm.(Which always turned me on, but I never knew why) Nonetheless, I was intrigued. So he started asking for pictures of me spitting, drooling, and close up pics of my lips blowing spit bubbles. Any other girlfriend would've been disgusted, but I found it kind of erotic. Because of our distance, I happily obliged and started sending him those kinds of pics daily.

After Ray saw how comfortable and turned on I was by it, he started asking me to go a little further, and I was ready for this "next level" of sorts. Basically, he wanted me to spit all over my tits and blow spit bubbles while I masturbated. I was instantly ready to try it. After enough practice and experimenting, I'm in LOVE with it, and now I've developed a spit fetish as well.

Now let me fast forward a little. We currently live together, but there are times where he's either not in the mood for sex, or he's busy and I have a bunch free time. Let me explain how I do it.

I start on my knees and drop a few thick ropes of spit onto each breast. Then I begin to rub it all over the top slowly making my way down to the nipples. By this point, I have a nice thin coat all over my tits (this is just the start). The aroma of my spit stars intoxicating me, I drip a little onto my index & middle finger. Starting with my anus, I smear the spit from the bottom to the top of my clit. At this point, I start feeling really dirty, so I bend down doggy style and start fingering myself slowly with one hand, while my tits are dangling right in my face. They smell so sweet, but are getting dry. Now I need to turn it up a notch.

I work up enough spit in my mouth where I can cover my tits with a thick, slimy coat of saliva. Before it was only a few strings, now I'm dripping huge loads onto my plump breasts. It feels SO naughty doing this with my ass in the air, and two fingers inside me. Sometimes I'll use a toy and ride it while spitting on myself. It doesn't take long before I'm ready to cum, it's a really slow build up, but the more spit I use, the harder and more intense my orgasm is.

After I cum, I usually just collapse and go limp. My tits still wet, smelling like heaven. I'll even take pictures of myself blowing bubbles or drooling a few strings, then look at them while I masturbate. (I know, I'm a weirdo)

Because of Ray, this has become normal for me. Our sex life is just as hot, and we do some of these things, but this a site about masturbation, so I figured I'd share my experiences and spare you the nonsense.

I wonder if I'm alone? I doubt there are other females who do this by themselves and find it just as erotic as I do. I know there's pornos of spit fetishes and such, but I honestly don't think there are girls in the real world who do this behind closed doors. I'm not making this up either. I've read some stuff on here that seems a little too ridiculous. I wouldn't waste my time if I had seen any similar stories on here. Anyway, writing that got me worked up, and now I need to cum! Please feel free to comment if you liked this, if I get positive feedback, maybe I'll post more. (Trust me, I have tons more to share)



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