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After a couple of years of yoga class, I got pretty flexible and an idea came to me.


Who knows when it started, probably when I was a young teen desperately wanting to have sex with a girl but years away from getting a real chance to do so. I started masturbating when I was a young child, and at some point in my early teens, I don't remember exactly when, it must have occurred to me that if I could suck my own cock, I'd be in heaven.

It was not to be. I couldn't even come close. Even though my cock was a pretty good size compared to my thin and still growing body, I couldn't come closer than a foot for so to the goods. I don't remember exactly what technique I used; all I know for sure is that it was not to be.

Fast forward eight or nine years. I'd just gotten out of college and had a low paying job, so I was living at home with my folks while I saved up money for my own place. I had girlfriends off and on. It never really affected my masturbation activities. I do it a lot regardless. In any case, at some point it occurred to me to try again to see if I couldn't get my cock and my mouth into a little closer proximity.

The attraction was two-fold. One, what guy doesn't want a lovingly administered blowjob? Two, even though I'm not even close to gay, I love the idea of sucking a cock. I never had, and never have, but the idea is a big turn on.

There'd also been a big change in my physiology. My penis, I guess, was and is slightly larger than average, about seven inches and pretty thick, but it was still no 10-incher, which would have helped narrow the gap between mouth and target. But I had taken a lot of yoga classes during college. In fact, I had a class every semester during my last three-and-a-half years of school. During that time I'd gotten a lot more limber. When I started classes, I couldn't come close to touching the floor with the tips of fingers when bending over and keeping my legs straight. By the time I graduated, I could lay the palms of my hands flat on the ground.

Realizing that my hard won flexibility might help me in my quest, I set out to see what I could do. So one afternoon, alone in my room, I went to work at it.

After doing some stretching, I began. At first I tried a sitting position, leaning over and seeing how close I could get. Ten inches, maybe. Then it occurred to me to try throwing my legs back over my head and pulling down on the backs of my knees to get closer. Wow! It was right there, very close and looming large in my sight. I stuck my tongue out and pulled a little harder and, there it was. I'd touched the head of my cock with my tongue.

How cool! There was a downside, though. The position wasn't very comfortable, and it didn't lend itself to stroking, so I wound up that day, all excited by my progress, just jerking off.

As the days progressed, I found frequent opportunities to work on my flexibility. After my first success, touching my tongue to the head of my penis, I actually regressed, and it was a week or so before I could it again. But once I did, I began to make rapid progress.

After a couple of weeks, I was able to take the tip of my cock into my mouth. It wasn't comfortable. I could do it only with great exertion, and I sometimes worried that I'd throw my back out or hurt my neck. But, as I practiced, I found that the act was growing, well not easy exactly, but at least a bit less strenuous.

I also came upon a new trick that greatly helped my progress. The headboard of my bed, I discovered, had a lip along the top edge. By putting my toes under it and pressing down I found that I could gain a couple of inches! That was huge.

With this new technique, I was able to get the entire head of my cock into my mouth. I couldn't do much with it, as the position stretched me to the point that I didn't have any freedom of movement. I could swirl my tongue around the head, and that was nice. It was also a huge turn-on to have a real cock, even if it was mine, actually in my mouth.

By that point, I'd generally be so turned on I'd go back to conventional masturbation and finish myself off with my hand, though I'd sometimes just before I'd come throw my legs back over, push down and suck myself as I shot.

Eventually I was able to get about half my cock in my mouth, and it was actually pleasurable, even with the extreme contortion involved. I never got to the point that I could come simply by sucking myself, but I was able to jack myself off into my mouth while I sucked on the head.

It's been years since I sucked myself. I can't even get close these days, though I still, in a fit of nostalgia, throw my legs over my head and take a peek. I sometimes still jack off into my own mouth that way, sometimes splattering myself with my own come as I shoot off.

Just a month ago or so I admitted to my wife that I used to be able to suck myself. Her reaction surprised me. She wanted to hear all about it, and then she became very aroused.

She later admitted to being a little jealous!



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