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Stroking To Sound Files - Part I

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Maybe some of you remember a website called Bianca's that used to be a fun place to share stories, experiences, and some on-line fun?

Well, years ago, I used to post there and see what kind of hot fun I could engage others with.

I struck up a good 'dialogue' with a woman and we decided to take our fun private on ICQ. From there, things got even hotter. This gal was really good at keeping the sexual intensity at a high level. We were both worked up and ready to cum, descrbing to each other how close we were, what we were doing to ourselves as we went into orgasm.

After we both came, we chatted for a bit more, both of us agreeing that our session was very hot and that we should do this again. It was then that I asked her if she had a microphone for her PC and suggested that wouldn't it be hot if we could record ourselves while we masturbated and send each other the files.

She seemed very excited by the idea and we both agreed that for the next week, our 'homework' assignment was to record a hot masturbation session, then send the sound file to each other so we could get off listening to the other person climaxing.

We also agreed that we wouldn't 'cheat' by just surfing the net and sending a sound file we had found. I thought it would be hot if we both said each other's screen name as we recorded ourselves, that way we'd be sure it was the real thing, and that much hotter!

So, a couple of days later, I set up my microphone and PC, pulled up some hot pics of women masturbating and fantasized it was my Bianca playmate who was doing herself as I watched. I stripped down naked and knelt on the floor as my cock grew hard with excitement.

I described to her how hard my cock was, how I was holding it and how I like to stroke myself. I also like to use lube while I jerk off, and I recorded the squishy sound my hand made as I pumped my cock into my closed hand.

I described the pictures I was looking at, telling my playmate that I was imagining it was her I was watching, how good it looked to watch her finger herself and rub her clit. My cock was aching and feeling like it was swelling another inch in hardness, that's how turned on I was, knowing that she'd be listening to me later and working herself into a frenzied orgasm.

My own orgasm was getting close, and I was very vocal now, gasping and moaning how good it felt to stroke myself closer and closer to climax, telling her how hard I was going to cum, how far I was going to shoot my cum for her.

That's when I couldn't take it anymore. I slowed down my stroking because I like to go as slow as I can over the edge into my orgasm and just feel the pressure of my cum build up until I can't take it anymore. My breath was coming in quick rapid gasps as my orgasm triggered. I managed to groan out her name and said I was cumming for her, then more gasps as I felt the first blast of cum rise up the shaft of my cock and spurt out.

I let out a long low moan as I looked down and watched a long rope of my cum jet out to land a good three feet away from where I was kneeling on the floor. It felt SO good, all I could manage to moan out was 'oh yeah, oh yeah' as more pulses of cum from my cock shot out to land closer and closer, eventually running down the shaft to cover my hand.

I ended the recording by saying how hot it was to be cumming for her and I hoped she enjoys the file. I sent the file off and each day I would check my own email for the file I hoped she'd be sending me.

That is for Part II!



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