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First Time With a Girl

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Katie did a lot of growing up in the two years she was gone.


The summer I turned 15, the youth group at our church sold fireworks to raise money at a little tent stand we put up in the church parking lot. We all signed up for time slots in the evenings leading up to July 4. I signed up with my two best friends at the time to cover one evening, from 6 p.m. until 11 p.m.

The Sunday evening before we were going to work, this girl named Katie showed up to our regular youth group meeting. Katie was a year younger than me. She had moved across the country two years before when her dad was temporarily transferred, and they had just moved back. Two years had made a big difference in her appearance. She went from being a flat-chested little girl to pretty hot, with nice-sized boobs and some nice curves.

My friends and I were scheduled to work the fireworks stand the next night. Katie wanted to help out, but all the slots were full. She volunteered to work on Monday with me and my friends, which was pretty cool since we had to have two people working at all times, and since it could get busy, having a fourth person was never a bad idea.

She arrived to work on Monday wearing a spaghetti-string top that showed off her new boobs nicely, and short shorts. Since it was really hot, I wasn't surprised that she had chosen to wear skimpy clothes. What did surprise me was that she paid a lot of attention to me that evening. Around 9 p.m., business had slowed down, and I said I needed to use the restroom and grabbed the key that would let me into the building where the bathrooms were. Katie said, "I need to go too, so I'll go with you. I don't want to walk through the dark parking lot by myself."

My friends looked at each other as if to suggest she was going with me for some other reason. It turned out they were right. After I got out of the restroom, Katie was waiting for me. She reached up, wrapped her arms around me, and planted a big kiss on my lips. After that, she said, "I've been wanting to do that all day." We were in the church's education building, so we ducked into a classroom to continue making out in case someone came in.

I was starting to get hard, and Katie reached down and grabbed my dick through my shorts. "Dang, Ben, can I see it?" I'd never let a girl see my cock before, but, being 15, I really wanted to. I unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts, which fell to the floor, then I pulled down my underwear, causing my dick to spring up. Katie reached down and started stroking it. She grinned, and I think she was impressed.

"Can I see your boobs?" I asked. She pulled her top over her head and off. Her shirt had a built-in bra, and I was seeing my first real-life boobs. They were about a B-cup, with little light-brown areolas, and her nipples were erect. I reached out and caressed them, and she smiled and shivered. Katie got down on her knees and put her lips around the head of my cock, just kissing it, as she continued to stroke. It was too much, and I said, "I'm gonna cum." She put her lips around the head and took my load into her mouth. When I was done, she swallowed the cum, then she stood up and said, "My turn."

She unzipped her shorts, then pulled them and her panties down in one motion to reveal her pussy, which was sort of hairy, but I could see her lips. She turned around and stood with her back to my front, then gave me instructions. "Kiss the back of my neck, and reach down to my pussy with one hand." I complied, touching her lips and starting to stroke. "Mmmm," she said. "Now use your pointer finger and put it at the top of my slit." I found her clit, which felt like a little hard button, and pressed lightly. "That's it!" she gasped. I pressed on her clit rhythmically, and she started moaning and breathing hard. I turned my hand and slipped my middle finger into her pussy a little and she ground her pussy into my hand. Finally, she came, and I felt her pussy contract in wave after wave. "Holy fuck, that was hot," she said when her orgasm subsided. I was incredibly turned on my her bad language and her body and wanted to do that again, but she said no, that we couldn't be away from the stand this long without drawing attention.

We kissed again several times, put our clothes back on, and went back outside. By that point, business had picked back up, and nobody said anything about how long we've been gone or why we were flushed--of course, it was over 90 degrees, anyway.

That was the beginning of a really fun summer.



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