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Shaving Pussies

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This is another true story of an event at the naturist club. They are pretty strict about nudity being social not sexual in public. But in private, there are no such inhibitions...


My wife Carole and I had been at a birthday party at the club, and were relaxing with another couple, Joan and Peter, having a last drink in their chalet before retiring to bed.
During the conversation, the subject of shaving (body hair) came up. Our earliest experiences of naturism showed us that while most women shaved underarms, legs etc. they left their pubic hair untouched. Carole told me earlier that the general female view was that if men were expected to avoid erections in public, women should play their part by not drawing attention to that body part that would most likely induce such erections. And pubic hair does provide a degree of concealment.

Anyway, during our conversation, Joan took issue with this and said that she had started partial shaving. She said that she shaved the lips of her pussy and the tops of her thighs. We were all naked of course, so Carole and I both looked instinctively down at Joan's groin. "I'll show you" she said, and lifted one foot up onto the armchair where she was sitting and opened her legs. We were a bit startled, then intrigued.

Her pussy lips were naked and smooth, and she explained that it was the best of both worlds - easier to keep clean, better for sex especially oral and hand sex, and better for masturbation. While still retaining the pubic triangle.
I'll abbreviate the next bit. Joan suggested that Carole should try it. Carole wasn't sure, saying that she was reluctant to take a razor to such a sensitive area. Joan then offered to do it for her, promising to be very careful. Carole's natural reticence was softened by the fact that she'd drunk a few glasses of wine, and she agreed, saying that she could always let it grow again if she didn't like it. So a bowl of hot water, some shaving cream and a safety razor were procured. Carole was on the sofa, Joan sat beside her. She asked Carole to sit on a towel, to sit back, push her pelvis forward and open her legs.

You can imagine the view that the rest of us had. The exposure, first of Joan's pussy, now of Carole's, caused both Peter and me to develop erections. As he looked at Carole's open pussy, I noticed that Peter started to gently rub the underside of his erection with his fingertips. Joan applied shaving cream all around Carole's pubic triangle, and started to shave. First across the top of the triangle, then down the sides. Then stray hairs from the top of her thighs. Finally, down the sides of her pussy lips. Joan used both hands of course, one to hold the skin tight, and the other to move the razor. She paid plenty of attention, particularly to the pussy lips, wiping them after shaving them then using her fingertips to check for any stubble. Not surprisingly, Peter and I were openly masturbating by this time.

When she finished she rinsed the area with clean water, and had another feel to make sure she hadn't missed anything. She said that the pussy was damp on the outside, and asked if she should check if it was damp on the inside. Carole, who was highly aroused by all the attention to her pussy, and seeing the effect it had on the two men, said "Yes, yes, please do". When I saw Joan put her finger in Carole's pussy, I had to stop masturbating, I was so close to cumming. Joan said to me "Do you want to check my handiwork? And perhaps compare it with mine"? The women moved apart so that I could sit between them, and I felt (and entered) Carole's pussy with my right hand, and felt (and entered) Joan's pussy with my left hand. I was in heaven. They masturbated me to a climax, taking turns to rub my cock..

Carole was concerned that Joan had been doing pretty much all giving and enjoying no receiving to this point, so I moved away, and Carole knelt on the floor between Joan's legs. She licked her clitoris, and inserted a finger to finger-fuck her. Peter came, still masturbating, while he watched this. Joan pulled Carole up beside her so they could feel and rub each other. They both had memorable orgasms masturbating each other.

After cleaning up, and quite a bit of cuddling and friendly stroking and congratulatory comments, both couples went their separate ways.


We had quite a few experiences after that with Joan and Peter, but they are other stories.

Perhaps I should add as a postscript two things. Firstly, that Carole has never let the unwanted hair grow again. Second, that pretty well all women in the naturist clubs shave all off nowadays.



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