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First Time With a Boy

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This is the first time I made a guy cum. I had no idea what I was doing! 


Ok, so I had a boyfriend. His name was Jake and he was dreamy! He wasn’t a jock, in fact he was a musician and it got him bullied at school. I guess part of me felt sorry for him. But he was really good looking too. 

We were making out in the only place we could. Neither of us had a car of course, and we had found an old abandoned building that we called ‘our house’. 

We were lying on an old mattress and kissing like crazy. I could feel that I was so wet.....too wet. I wasn’t about to let him touch me as I felt it was too messy. 

I could  see the bulge in his pants though and rubbed my hand over it. It felt painfully hard. How could a guy be like that and it not hurt? He gently guided my hand to the zipper and let me work out for myself if I wanted to explore further. 

I did. 

I gently unzipped his pants and fiddled around until his dick sprang out. It made me jump and I squeaked a little I think. Jake wrapped my fingers around it and began to move my hand.

Then his hand fell away and he tried to get it between my legs. On that particular ocassion I wouldn’t let him though. I moved his hand to my boob and, for the first time ever I let a guy go under my bra. That alone felt wonderful. 

So, I’m jacking him off and he said “If you keep doing that, You’re gonna make me cum.” I said something dumb like “Do you want me to make you cum?” (Stupid question!) he just nodded.

I remember looking at his dick and wondering how something like that could ever fit inside me. If anything it seemed to be getting harder. There was a clear liquid at the top and then it twitched and he groaned. A spurt of white stuff jetted out and landed on his tummy and my arm. It was followed by four more. 

Back home in bed that night I wondered about the force of it. Would I feel a guy cum inside me? I loved jacking him off, and I must admit I did it as often as I could!

Eventually, we explored further, but one of the earliest extra things we did was “talking dirty”. I learned that I really liked saying dirty words. They not only turned Jake on, they turned me on too! 



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