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Circle Jerks? Saw One Once!

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I was in the church choir. There were only two other girls at the time and 20 boys! Sometimes...well...


Ok, so in church, during rehearsals and services everything was above reproach. But there was a group of five boys who were always fooling around. And I guess it's true to say I was something of a tomboy back then. I gave as good as I got, especially in the 'foul mouth' regard. I could swear as well as they could, but, when I did it, it gave some of them a stiffy. (I didn't know about talking dirty back then.)

So, one afternoon, we had been singing at a wedding and the choir had soon disappeared after the service, apart from this small gang of boys. It was a sweltering hot summer's day and I asked what they were going to do now. One of them said..'Oh the usual circle jerk.' It seemed that after weddings, which were paid for us, they would all put a pound into the hat and then circle jerk. The one who lasted longest got the money. I guess it was a cleaner form of biscuit game. So I said 'Huh. Can I watch?' There was a lot of kidding around about me joining in.. but then I couldn't shoot sperm, could I?

So, eventually we were in a corner of the churchyard among the long forgotten and overgrown weeds behind a gardeners hut and the boys all got their dicks out. They were all so different, Paul's was very small, Adam's was nothing short of monstrous. Then the other three were somewhere in between. On the count of three they all started jerking furiously. Paul shot his load first and Adam followed. A boy called James won, by holding out much longer than the others, but when he shot, damn there was loads of it!

They teased me saying that I couldn't do that, could I? But if only they knew the mess that was in my panties. I hadn't seen sperm before, and yet here were FIVE boys shooting for me. When they left, I hung around for a while and then, slipping my shoes off, I stood in the little puddles of sperm, jammed my hand between my legs and jilled off.

Well, our circle jerks changed. At first, I joined in, jilling off, but it wasn't long before I was giving hand jobs. I learned to give two at the same time. Paul and James and I got to be something of a routine. I would jack them off and one of them would put his hand in my bra and the other boy his hand in my panties. A couple of times we got naked and I let them spunk over me.

A couple of times we got damn close to going the whole route. I don't really know what stopped us, because I think we were all up for it. I know I was.

But that was around the end of my time in the choir. Now, I am 26 and I look back on those days with affection. I sure as hell wish I had done more with them though. I still jill off to it today.



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