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First Time Jacking With Another Guy

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One night, a friend and I were sleeping over at one of our other friend's house. While our other friends were playing games, or watching TV, we were talking about various topics, when the subject of masturbation and cumming came up. After a while, we talked about mutual masturbation, blowjobs, handjobs, and other things. Now, while I'm straight, my friend is bi, so he offered to give me a blowjob that night. We've talked about it before, and I've always declined, but this time, I suggested us jacking off together. At about six o'clock AM, our friends decided to turn the lights out downstairs, and go to bed for a while, as the host's father was getting ready to leave for work, and would probably check on us (we were fourteen at the time). I relaxed in a reclining chair, and my friend laid down on the floor next to the chair. Once everyone was laying down, and pretty much asleep, my friend and I still talked quietly. With a small light in the room, just so our small area was slightly illuminated, we passed a notebook back and forth, as not to wake up everyone else. I wrote: "I'm so horny and hard, can I just jack it now?" My friend promptly responded with: "Me too, but wait until we get some privacy." After a bit of waiting, and discussing our plans for the night, I wrote: "I'm so hard, should I whip it out?" My friend said: "Oh yeah! Should I?" After I said yes, we both had our dicks out and ready for a bit of action. Pretending to show me something, my friend whispered to me, and I looked down to see his wonderful 6.5" dick, rock hard and standing straight up. Appearing to be standing up to stretch, my friend leans over, and I show him my 6.2" dick, rock hard against my stomach. Sitting back down, my friend asks if he can touch me. In my my horny awe, I said: "Please!" With a blanket covering my dick and my legs, I sit, hard as a rock. I feel my friend's hand running up underneath the blanket near my legs. I feel his soft hand on the head my dick. After he was rubbing my throbbing dick for a while, I tilted my head back and exhaled hard, trying not to moan loudly. I continued to do this out of pleasure. My friend withdrew his hand, and asked if I liked it. I said: "Oh yes!" still trying not to moan, and asked if he'd continue to do it for a while, almost begging. After I asked, my friend instantly grabbed my dick and continued what he was doing. He withdrew his hand, but continued to do this one or two more times. After my friend stopped, I rubbed my own dick and tried not to moan. I slowly and secretly jacked myself under the blanket, while taking frequent glances down at my friend, who was leaning against a pillow, and also jacking himself off, but stopping a bit before he would cum. I continued to jack myself, almost to orgasm, but doing the same thing and stopping abruptly before cumming. I would continue to momentarily do this to attempt to relieve some of my extreme horny tension before our big jack off together. I was so horny. After we heard the host's dad leave for work, the kid hosting the party went upstairs, and the other guy got on the computer. My friend nodded to me to signal his going upstairs to the bathroom, and left the room, his pants open, and his boner noticeable through his underwear. After a couple of minutes, I went upstairs to join him. My friend pulls out his dick, and I'm impressed, as it's a little longer than my own, and much thicker. Slightly soft from the waiting, I pull my dick out. My friend leans in to solve that problem, and rubs my dick a little bit to get me hard again. Man, did this get me throbbing. After a bit of rubbing, I had him tend to his own cock while I jacked myself. As we were jacking, we both stared at each other's dicks, and our hands pumping along them. After a couple of minutes of slight moaning, I whispered: "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" Surprising me always, my friend gets down on his knees--still jacking his dick--and sucks my dick until I cum into his mouth. Oh what a rush! After sucking the last bit out, he gets back up, and I continue to rub myself a bit. I put my dick back into my underwear, and simply watched him. In about forty-five seconds, he explodes with four shots of cum, all over the floor. He almost came on me, but I had already put my dick back in my pants, and didn't have my shirt pulled up, so he turned. At that moment, I wished we were sitting with most of our bodies exposed, so I could have some of his huge cumshot on me (from previous experience of myself, knowing how good it feels to jack off using cum as lube). Leaving the wet spots on the floor, we depart back downstairs, one after the other. No one knew what had happened, or even that we were gone. Later, we talked about doing this again, and I considered how amazing it felt to do it. We both thought continually about doing it again. Hopefully, the next time we do it, I'll have the guts to help him jack too, because the whole time we were doing it, I wished I could be jacking him while he jacked me. I also hoped that next time, we could take a bit longer doing it, and get more privacy so we could sit, enjoy it, and cum on each other. I'll always remember this as the first time I'd ever jacked off with a guy, always enjoy the memory, and constantly want to do it again.



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