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First Time I Tasted My Own Cum

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A true story about the first time I tasted my own cum and really discovered myself.

First time I tasted my own cum.

I’ve been masturbating since I was young, but always cum into something never really thinking about my cum. It was just something that happened and felt good when it did. In my late 20’s all that changed one day when I sat in my gaming chair at the computer naked watching some porn and having a good time. I had reclined the chair and put my feet up on the desk so I was reasonably laid back, cock pointing at the ceiling stroking away using some Durex play as lube. I’ve always been someone who shoots rather than dribbles when they cum, but never really paid much attention to how strong the cum was as it was usually into something close to my cock. For some reason on this day I wondered what my cock looked like when I cum and if it looked like it does in the porn videos I was watching online. 



Pulling my cock back towards me I angled my head and cock so I was looking down my body towards my cockhead. Stroking away and watching myself was strangely erotic and something I had never done before. (It wasn’t the last either) For the first time ever I looked at my cock, the shape of the head, the flare as it joined the base and how my foreskin retracted back under the head in a roll. The underside of my cock head and how it formed a V. I also looked at how I stroked my cock, rubbing the shaft with a squeeze on the down-stroke and releasing it a little on the up-stroke. How when my finger grazed the v on the underside it felt so nice and tingly. 


I could feel my cum building and could feel my cock hardening a little more, my cock head becoming a little more engorged and the feeling of my nuts tightening. I could feel my cum start to flow up my shaft and then it happened, the first spurt erupted from my cock right up at me and hit me in the face. I naturally opened my mouth just as the second spurt erupted from my cock, this time into my mouth and over my chin. Watching as the third spurt landed on my chest and stomach followed by a final spurt landing in my belly button. 


Letting go of my cock and watching it point back up again I closed my mouth and swallowed. It tasted ok, a little bitter but not bad. I licked my lips and tasted some more, it was ok. Reaching down I scooped a large blob out of my full belly button and licked it off my fingers. It felt good and dirty at the same time, surprisingly I was still hard and getting more turned on tasting my cum and thinking about what I had just seen and done. 


From that day on I’ve always cum on myself or into my hand and always licked myself clean as best I can. Sometimes I like to lay back and work my legs up the headboard or wall and cum directly into my mouth.




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