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First Time for Everything with Steph

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Steph was my first real girlfriend, I had just turned 17 and she was eight months younger. I was brought up in a large village on the outskirts of a major city, Steph's brother Tony went to the same school as me but in the year above, we sometimes caught the same bus home and knew each other but not really as good friends just acquaintances plus he was dating the daughter of some friends of my parents. One Wednesday evening I saw him in the village with another girl who was so attractive, slim with long hair and brown eyes. We said hi to each other and when I got home I wanked off thinking of her. At school the next day I casually asked if it was a new girlfriend and he said it was his sister and he had walked her home from one of her friends, I asked if it was her boyfriends and he said no that she didn't have one, she was in her school choir and they practised every Wednesday after school and she had gone on to a friends for supper. We talked a bit about music and I had a CD Tony said Steph would like so I said she could borrow it if she wanted. I was so horny again I went into the school toilets and wanked off. Steph text me saying that was so kind and I said I would give it to Tony the next day and if she liked it I would copy it for her. We started phoning each other rather than text and I asked if she wanted to see a film and she said yes so on the next Saturday we caught the bus into town and saw Shrek 2, I had my arm round her and we cuddled and when as I walked her home we cuddled and kissed goodnight...which left me so hard!!!!! The next Saturday we went to see another film, when we cuddled she seemed happy for me to rest my hand on her boobs and towards the end of the film I leaned right across and kissed her and deliberately cupped her boobs and she was okay with that. Steph's house has a front door and a side door, the side door is actually recessed to form a small porch area between the kitchen door and a utility type room door and is quite private. Steph said that the kitchen door is always kept locked so there was no chance of being surprised if we wanted to say goodnight there, as we cuddled she took my hand and placed it on her boobs and she didn't object when I slid it under her top and bra. Steph and I were both novices to sexual contact, I had once felt a another girls boobs and been wanked off as a bit of random fun and I had mutually wanked off friends, Steph had been out with guys but never gone further than letting them feel her boobs. I had a scooter I used to travel to my part time job and I had just passed my car driving test and could borrow my aunties car, she lived quite near to Steph as it happened. The next Sunday Steph and I went into the countryside for a drive and we ended up in a remote lay-by cuddling. Steph was in a great mood and when I started to fondle her boobs she undid her blouse and bra and for the first time I saw how lovely and perky her boobs really were. We were still in the front seats and when I suggested it would be more comfortable in the back she agreed, a couple of minutes later we were kissing up close and I was holding her lovely boobs. My dick was rock hard so I took her hand and placed it there not really knowing how she would react but luckily she squeezed it and said something like it felt nice, I undid my zip and got my dick out and Steph looked at it and then held it and said this was the first real dick she had ever seen. She obviously knew the basics of what to do and started wanking me and it felt so good, after a couple of minutes I took my hand off her boobs and placed it on hers and told her go increase the pace cos I needed to cum. She was happy doing this and very soon I shot out about four strings of cum, most of it went onto my jeans but some landed on the back of the front seats, Steph was at first worried about the mess but I assured her it was quite usual and easily cleaned up. I used my handkerchief to wipe up the cum and then kissed Steph, her nipples were really hard and I leant down and kissed them then sucked each one before she got properly dressed again. Steph was out with her parents that evening so I just dropped her off at home, when she got out the car she leaned over and kissed and said she had really enjoyed herself which caused me to go home and wank off again. I had met Steph's parents a couple of times when I dropped her off and my mum invited her to come round for tea the next Wednesday after her choir. The evening went really well, I walked Steph back home and rather than go in she said we could say goodbye by the back door We kissed and cuddled and I undid her top and bra and was enjoying her boobs, she never said anything but just undid my trousers and got my dick out and asked if I'd got a hanky or something as she didn't want cum on her clothes. She stood slightly to my side and watched herself wank me off into my handkerchief and I felt like wowwwww. From then on I always made sure I had some paper tissues with me. I saw Steph maybe three or four times over the next ten days and she was always gorgeous and affectionate and when we had the privacy we'd cuddle and I'd get a wank but she wouldn't let me go below her belt which I accepted without argument. She didn't mind me holding and rubbing her ass though when we were cuddling. One Sunday my parents were out all day and Steph came over, we started to watch a film and were cuddling downstairs and I suggested we go up to my room and cuddle in bed and Steph said okay but that she would be keeping her panties on and I agreed. I stripped off completely and got into bed and Steph took everything off except her pants and joined me, she looked gorgeous. We cuddled skin to skin and it was so horny having her boobs and tummy pressing against me. She was playing with my dick rather than wanking it and after a few minutes I told her that she was making me so horny I needed to cum and she laughed and said ok. I pushed the duvet onto the floor and we cuddled on our sides as she wanked me. I asked was it ok to cum on her rather than in a tissue and she said yes but not on her face or panties. I kissed her boobs and then told her just a bit faster before cumming onto her tummy and also a little bit onto mine. We cuddled for a few minutes then wiped the cum off with some tissues. We agreed we'd go back to watching the film, Steph went to the bathroom and when she came back in I was till laying on the bed and she asked me what I was thinking and I said that she was gorgeous and if I'd ever see her fully naked. She stopped for a second or two then took her panties off but said it was still out of bounds and I said sure that was understood. It was the first vag (as she called it) I'd ever seen in real life and it was so perfect, trimmed curly brown pubes and swollen lips that were so near but also so far away. We had fun in my bed a couple of evenings later when my parents were out again, I knew Steph was obviously more relaxed with her panties on so I told her she was just as gorgeous wearing them and she kissed me. It was approaching the summer holidays and myself and three friends had been planning to go camping for a week and in preparation we had booked a Saturday night at a campsite about 20 miles away so we could set up and take down the tent etc. Steph's family were into camping and she asked if she could come on this 1 night try-out. All the guys said yes straight away but her parents needed to think about but in the end agreed, her brother Tony told us that if anything untoward happened he would kill us. The plan was my three mates would go by car and take all the gear including a one-man tent for Steph (or a one-lady tent as she called it) and Steph and I would go there on my scooter. We set the tents up easily with Steph's right at the side of ours, she was well used to camping, the weather was dry and quite hot and we had a great first day finishing up round a small fire and finally calling it a day around midnight which was the start of the campsites official quiet time. I gave Steph a hug and kiss and she was fine going into her tent alone. Us guys went into our tent and continued talking and fooling about and of course talking about girls and sex, they respected Steph and it was all general stuff. John had brought a porn mag and it ended up with us all laying on top of our sleeping bags and wanking off to see who came first. I was sleeping next to the doorway and probably an hour later I was woken up by Steph unzipping the door; she was absolutely fine but said she couldn't sleep and wondered if I wanted company. I unzipped my sleeping bag and she came in, she was wearing proper pjs and I just had my boxers on. We cuddled together and she said we had better try to sleep and not wake the others and I said yes although having her there had made my dick stir. She felt it move against her and briefly touched it saying she thought we were going to sleep and I said that was her idea not mine and I put my hand under her top and stroked her boobs, her nipples were hard and I moved forward and kissed her. I cupped my hands on her ass and pulled her tight into me. It felt as though she wasn't wearing any panties so I asked her and she just smiled and said I could find out if I wanted, she moved slightly away and took my right hand off her ass and put it on her tummy. Okay this is it I thought, hoping that I hadn't misunderstood her, I ever so slowly moved my hand downwards thinking that at any time she would push me away and storm out but she didn't. Her pubes were so soft, she kissed me and opened her legs and watched my face as first one and then a second of my fingers entered her. I didn't really know what to do so I just gently moved them back and forth and found her clit and then I took them out and kissed her. She pulled her pjs properly up again and cuddled into me and said that it had felt nice and I had been so gentle. My dick was probably the hardest it had ever been, she started to wank it and said had I got any tissues, I took my boxers off and told her I'd cum on those and sure enough a few moments later I did. We both fell asleep and woke up about four hours later, Steph went back to her own tent and when we all woke up properly John said that he had woken up in the middle of the night and was sure he had seen Steph asleep with me...I just laughed and said he must have dreamt it and no more was said. Steph and I were together for over a year, we never had oral or full sex and she was always happier with her panties on even when I fingered her. One of her friends had become pregnant at 15 and I think that was her fear as she often reminded me not to cum on her anywhere below the belt and total nudity was more of a foreplay...the panties always went back on before the cum spurted...this was what she was comfortable with and I never challenged it. We only split up when I left school and moved away to a job, she regularly visited my parents until she moved away to train as a nurse. She will make someone a fantastic wife.......kind of jealous!



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