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My Walks With Hannah

Author: Age: 26 Posted on: 2 comments
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This is one of many exciting times with my friend Hannah


I've always enjoyed taking nice long walks and hikes around countryside, the air is always fresh you get no noise pollution by traffic, it is very peaceful. As well I am also quite a fan of exhibitionism, I had never been fully nude on any of my walks before now but if no one is around and the mood strikes I have not held back from stroking myself to orgasm. A cool breeze on my shaft just adds to the excitement.

I recently had a friend join me on my walks which I didn't mind as she has always been fun to talk too, I thought it would be a nice change then walking alone all the time, I'll call her Hannah. Hannah is someone I've known for a long time, she's always been a good friend and someone I have always been able to talk to about anything really and I mean anything, I feel completely comfortable around her so I don't feel the need to hold anything I am thinking back. Hannah is gorgeous with a cheeky smile, and a look in her eyes, which drives me insane with lust and she knows it. Hannah understands that everyone needs a bit of relief and understands even more that sometimes you just need a hand to help you get that relief which as long as she is in the mood she is happy to help, as long as you help her in her moments of need too. She has done numbers of things or me, but we have never gone all the way.

On one of our walks we got talking about how I want to find somewhere where people go to so no one else is there. Curious Hannah asked why, and I began to open up to her about my exhibitionism and how I wanted to explore it, but there was never anywhere safe enough to do so. She told me that there are places where people just go for long walks, mainly older couples or hikers, it's rare you bump into anyone if you ever do. I liked the sound of this place and began to ask more questions. Hannah said she'd take me if i was alright with her coming, I said yes although I wanted to go for some alone time, but I thought I could at least find the place first and go back for my alone time.

So the day came, I got dressed and put on a white t-shirt and some combat shorts which were made from a thin material, I didn't bother with underwear as it was an extremely warm day. Hannah turns up in her car, I grabbed my backpack and jumped in the front seat. Hannah got my attention right away, she was wearing a tank top with no bra, I saw her nipples poking through the material she was also wearing a nice summer skirt, not too short but it didn't go past her knees. On the drive there I couldn't stop sneaking little peaks at her breasts, the drive was going to be about two hours so we had a long way to go, I don't know how obvious it was to her the amount of times I had a look, but nothing was said, we just carried on chatting away whilst I hid the growing erection in my shorts.

We finally arrived at a nature reserve, which for miles was just trees, small lakes, woods, fields and wild animals. This place was perfect, not a human in sight, I could walk naked around here for hours and probably never be seen. We parked up got our gear and began our hike, we started by hiking through the woods to see what animals we would come across. Hannah got excited when we came across some rabbits, she did that annoying yet cute thing women do when they see small cute animals, all I was doing at this point was watching how her breasts bounced around as we walked.

We got to the end of the woods, coming across a field we carried on walking. Hannah " so do you think you'll come here more now you know about this place" Me "yea this is the kind of place I have been wanting to find for ages, not a human in sight, so peaceful" Hannah "yea I'm sure you can take your exhibitionism further up here" I looked at Hannah and she had that cheeky smirk on her face. Hannah "I bet if you were alone you'd have already pleasured yourself" Me "Quite possibly, I don't think I'd have my clothes on at least" Hannah noticed I was walking a bit awkwardly, as I was trying to restrict my erection. Hannah laughed "looks like you could really do with a bit of relief, you don't have to hold back, its nothing I haven't seen before"

She carried on walking ahead of me turning round with that smirk on her face, unable to resist I pulled off my t-shirt and slid down my shorts, my erection sprung to life. Hannah's jaw dropped her eyes kept eyeing me up and down, and she couldn't keep her eyes off my dick. I hung my clothes on the straps of my bag and carried on walking catching up with her. Hannah laughed "as if you're naked" Me "what? is that a problem? Hannah "not at all, I'm just surprised how little you resisted" Me "well it's only you around, and like you said it's nothing you haven't seen before plus you know how much I've wanted to be naked outside" Hannah "but aren't you going to relieve yourself?" Me "when it gets too much, but right now I'm enjoying walking naked, this breeze against my body is only getting me more excited" Hannah "I can already see you're excited" she reached her hand out and grabbed onto my hard cock "come with me"

She walked me across the rest of the field holding onto my hard cock, we got to the end of the field entering another part of the same woods. She let go of my cock and stopped us from walking, standing right in front of me, she placed her bag on the floor, she pulled her top off letting her breasts free. My eyes were fixed on hers and began to focus on her breasts and she rubbed them in front of me, she still had that smirk on her face. I reached down to start to pleasure myself. Hannah "don't you dare, you've resisted this up to know, so you can resist a bit longer"

Hannah pulled up her skirt revealing her panties, already damp at the front. She pulled the straps on her panties sliding them slowly down her legs before they dropped down to her ankles, she lifted her feet shaking them off and then did the same with her skirt. "now we can both walk naked, I want to know what it's like" She put her backpack on copying me by hanging her clothes off the straps, "now come on let's walk more"

We carried on walking through the woods, naked other than our boots, I couldn't help but look at her naked breasts as they bounced up and down with each step, my cock was aching for attention. I felt like I was going to cum without even touching it, I couldn't resist.

I grabbed Hannah and pushed her up against a tree, I began to kiss her passionately. I took her breasts in my hands and began to rub them up and down as she gasped in pleasure. I played with her nipples and took them into my mouth sucking on them and gently biting on them. I guided my hand down her body feeling her smooth skin until I got to her soaking wet pussy. I rubbed my fingers between her soaked lips, and began to rub her clit, she screamed out in pleasure and I got faster and faster, suddenly she arched her back, and she stuttered, she was cumin hard.

This must have been as exciting for her as it was for me, she caught her breath, kissed me just as passionately as she reached down grabbing my now precum dripping throbbing cock. She began to stroke it and in minutes I was cumin over her stomach and legs. I leant against her as I went weak at the knees. I caught my breath, and looked her in the eyes, we kissed again before heading back to the car. We carried on walking naked, but as if nothing had just happened, chatting our usual rubbish.

We got to the car, Hannah looked up at me and smiled "I don't feel like getting dressed just yet" she sat in the front seat, grabbed a bottle of water to have a drink. I sat next to her still naked, the car doors wide open, for a nice breeze to blow through. I was trying to resist looking at her naked body, although that was all I was doing all day, I still couldn't stop. My mind began to wonder as I got hard once again unable to hide it. 

Hannah looked over and saw my throbbing cock. Hannah "what's gotten you so excited again? wasn't earlier enough or you?" Me "this whole day has been exciting and still being naked with you is exciting plus I've had my rest now, I think I'm ready for more" Hannah "are you now? what makes you think I'm willing to help?" Me "then I'm going to be like this until I get home to sort myself out" Hannah "why wait, there's no one with us, do it now, let me watch"

I didn't need to be told twice, I leant my head back and began to stroke, the head of my cock was swollen and red. Hannah reached down between her legs, she spread them and began to please herself, she let out little moans as she watched me stroke my cock, I got faster and faster picking up the place as I was getting closer to cumming. I noticed she was getting closer, she adjusted herself spreading her legs even more, she began to fingerfuck herself, the sight of her fingers plunging into her pussy drove me mad.

Within seconds I shot my load over myself, I heard her moan in pleasure as she began to cum, her back arched and she quickened her rythm, before she slowed down and stopped to catch her breath. We both sat there breathing heavily, we grabbed our clothes and got dressed and we drove home and parked up on my drive. We said our goodbyes and she gave me a kiss. Hannah "we'll have to go there again sometime" That was one of many exciting days with Hannah, I have more stories to share, but the others aren't quite as long



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