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First Time

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My story on my attempts and first successful orgasm


It all began on a cool spring night when I was 15. I was attending a private school at the time and my attentions towards girls, though somewhat latent for a time, really started to emerge. Two years earlier I had been given a book by my father that taught me about the birds and the bees. I remember staying up until 2:00 in the morning reading it. I couldn't put that book down. I would study the pictures, compare them to myself and re-read sections I found 'interesting'. Today I know that those were sections that aroused me.

One section that 'aroused' me the most was the section on masterbation. The chapter was very vague on details other than describing the activity. After all, I was 13 and I had a lot of questions. Occasionally I would stroke myself and I was hard as a rock, but nothing ever seemed to happen. Sure it felt good but I kept thinking, this is it?? Little did I know I was not doing it long enough.

Fast forward a couple of years. Girls were my every thought; I had a hard on almost every day and the sexual tension in me was unbearable. While cleaning my room I came across the sex book. I opened the pages to the masturbation section and read them determined to learn how to masterbate. I studied the chapter like it was a final exam and then went to the bathroom. I began stroking. I was determined to have the mystic orgasm. Well, as expected nothing happened. I gave up after a minute thinking this dosn't really work.

I continued through the day not really thinking about masturbation. Then came the night. I was lying in bed trying to sleep and the idea of an orgasm kept running through my brain. What was it? What did it feel like? Could I have one? I said to myself, 'I will stroke until it happens'. And that's what I did...I began stroking and I was not going to stop until 'it' happened.

Slowly I began but I sped up to a comfortable pace. Very slowly I notice feelings I had never felt before. I was concentrating on them when suddenly like a wave it came over me. It started in the soles of my feet as the muscles began to contract. Up my legs and then throughout my entire body. I felt sudden contractions and an overall feeling of pleasure throughout my body. I couldn't controll my muscles spasms as my whole body shook in a rythmic pulsation, a pulse that corresponded to the pulsing of the newly discoverred sexual tool in my hand. Slowly, my body returned to normal. I was confused and bewildered, I even wondered if I broke something. But with the pleasure I felt I knew the it must have been right. I quickly fell asleep from the energy I had expended.

The next day all I could think about was the orgasm I just had. I couldn't wait to do it again. That day I did it twice and they were better than the first. Since then I have masturbated at least once every other day. I love it and I will never give it up. I hope all people can and find the joys of masturbation.



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