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Am I normal?

Posted by: Author: Age: 20 Posted on: 22 comments
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I found Solo Touch about a month ago while searching for information about masturbation. Masturbating is my only sexual release. We live far from the big town & our computer is where everybody can see me. I don't get much time alone to search out anything sexual plus I don't want to get caught. My family would think I am weird or something.

I'm a normal guy but I think I have an above normal want for sex or or jerking off. There aren't many girls around here & now that I'm out of school there are almost none. I sure want them though. I have a problem attracting girls because of my body. I'm too tall & skinny but I'm working hard on getting some muscle. I'm 6'2" & 156 pounds. What I do have is a long thick cock. I have been measuring it for a long time now & it stopped growing s few years ago. Hard I measure 8" exactly. I was hoping for more but I think that's it. I'm a lot bigger than any of my friends that have jerked with me. Three buds have been doing it with me for a long time now & they don't look like they are any bigger than a few years ago but they're all shorter than me too.

So my question is for any of the guys out there the same age or older. Am I normal? I J-O every morning when I get up, then a few times during the day, then at night I can go 2 or 3 again. It's jerk jerk jerk. I just can't jerk enough. It's like my cock & balls are always full & need to be emptied. I get hard at least a few times every hour of the day. I walk around with a hard cock sometimes then I have to go somewhere just to j-o. I think about girls & jerking off at least every 10 minutes. I have not gone a day without jerking off since I first learned how to do it.

I have a the way coolest uncle in the world. He lives a short drive away all by himself. One day about a year ago I was there moving a big desk with him & he asked me if I could keep a secret. He showed me his back bedroom that was always locked. He has it full of sex movies & a special spot to sit & jerk watching them. It's so sick! He has no computer but he sure has lots of movies. He told me he understood what it was like at my age living out of the big town & said I could come over & spend time in his room any time I wanted. I told him no but I wanted to so bad. He told me it was up to me & that he had to go out for a few hours. He told me to stay there & lock up when I was done or I could go now if I wanted. I stayed for a way too long. He had this big jar of Vaseline that mom's use on babies butts. It works so good on your cock! At first it was gross when I looked inside the jar & saw all his finger scoop prints but I thought nothing about it once I started jerking. He told me I had to use one of the towels in the closet to sit on & not to sit right on the chair. He also told me not to use them when I was done, he meant squirting cum. He pointed to a bunch of paper towels sitting under the table & to a bin beside it.

I was having the best jerk ever! What a great room. I came once then started again. The girls on TV were so hot! Before I knew it uncle was back. I jumped up & got dressed as fast as I could then ran out of the room. He was already inside the house. I felt so dirty but he made me feel so normal. All he said was, oh you're still here. I thought maybe you'd stay for a long time. You didn't have to jump up & leave just because I came home. Go ahead & finish up if you haven't already or take more time. I'll be in there later tonight.

I felt so normal after that. I went back in & got another good scoop of grease then went back for more. Truth was I was ready to cum again. I was only a few minutes before I came with another big load of cum. It felt so good & my balls felt like they were going to explode. I jerked so hard & it lasted a long time. I felt my balls pull up almost like they were sucking inside me. It was a weird feeling. As soon as I came I felt real bad like I did a bad thing. Now I didn't want to see uncle any more. I felt ashamed but I had to go & face him. I cleaned up & leaving my cum towels felt even worse. I went down to face him & he smiled & told me I must be a real pro to go that long. He told me I was just a normal young guy & not to worry. He told me to come back any time & if he was not home I knew where the key was. Now I felt ok.

I went back the very next day. Uncle was not home & did not come home all the time I was there. I left & felt good with sore balls knowing how much fun I just had & that it was something I could just keep on doing.

I've been going back at least 3 times a week now since. I don't even want to meet girls right now until I get bigger. Then when I'm big & look good they'll like it even better when they see my big cock. Until then I'm going to keep on going to uncles house.

Now even if I get there & he's in the room I don't mind & I'll wait or come back later. I want to bring one of my buds with me but I told him I'd keep his secret. It sure would be fun doing it with my bud but I think uncle may think I was weird & it would be over. I don't want to ruin a great thing.

So back to the question. AM I normal? I hope so. I think I just need to squirt more cum than the average guy. I don't think my buds j-o as much as I do or maybe they lie to me. They say every few days. Maybe I make more cum than most guys, who knows. I have to go now. I'll read again as soon as I have the chance & see if anybody has an answer for me. I'd like to know what you think if you are older & know what it's like having to j-o so much. Does it ever change?



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