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First of Many (True)

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I'll start off by saying I've read this site for about three years and I consider myself a somewhat bisexual, masturbation lover! I've never had the courage to write about all my escapades until now.

My first experience happened when I was 18, I had read in our local paper about a state park that is a local hangout for gay or possibly bi older men. When I read the article it somewhat turned me on and for some reason I decided to go and in my mind just 'check it out'.

I drove over one Sunday when my girlfriend was at work and I had nothing to do. I was extremely nervous yet I think way more curious about what went on. It was the midst of the summer so I was wearing some mesh shorts and a t-shirt.

I got there and parked my truck in one of the picnic areas (keep in mind I had no clue what to do) at the particular picnic area I parked in there was no other cars but there was a bunch of picnic tables and a mens and womens bathroom in a little shed type structure.

I decided after a while of seeing no one to get out and go sit on one of the picnic benches near the bathroom, I even pretended I was talking on my cell phone so I felt less awkward. I sat on the part of the bench you eat on and sat with my legs spread not far but positioned my shorts so that someone close enough could see up them.

After almost 20 minutes of seeing only people drive by or ride by on a bike I was about to leave when a guy i'll guess who was about 50 pulled up next to where I was parked, got right out of his car and walked towards the bathrooms, I noticed he was wearing sandals a tanktop and short cotton shorts.

I thought about going in the bathroom after him but I was too nervous and didn't know whether he really had to use the bathroom or was on the prowl for fun.

He came out in about two minutes and walked back to his car and popped the hood and started checking his fluids in the engine I think, I couldn't really tell. Then I figured he'll go to the bathroom now so I slowly walked over and into the bathroom which had one enclosed stall and one normal urinal. Since it's nice I guess in the summer they leave the bathroom doors open. I walked into the bathroom taking no notice of what the man was doing. So being horny and 18 I went into the stall and just pulled the door shut and took out my penis and just started to slowly play around.

After a minute or maybe 30 seconds I decided to walk out of the stall still jerking.

I hadn't taken more than two steps out of the stall with my dick in hand stroking, and in walks the guy from outside. He had a super surprised look on his face and said 'Wow, look at that' I was too shocked to put it away or do anything, he approached me and reached out and took one quick stroke and then I put my dick away.

He instantly said 'We can't do anything in the park there's been sting operations and they know what goes on here, so follow me we'll go somewhere else, I said ok and with that we walked out and to our cars. We pulled out of the park and went not even a third of a mile and he pulled into an industrial park nearby and went to a far parking lot in the way back. The whole time I was thinking that I went far enough and was just going to keep driving but my dick talked me out of it haha. So we got out and he started walking to the actual building and we went around the side and to the back of the building. There were no other building or parking lots in sight and behind us was a huge hill with trees at the top. During the walk he asked me if I was over 18 and I told him my age and that I was 18 he also asked me if I was healthy which I assume ment no diseases or anything else.

There I was 18 facing a 50 some year old man, and after a quick smile he reached over and slid down my pants and boxers to my feet, I got fully hard in about four seconds no lie! He started jerking me and then he pulled his pants down to show his semi hard 5' dick which like mine was fully shaved.

I was literally dying with nervousness thinking what if we got caught or something like that. He was all over me stroking my dick, playing with my balls and he reached around frequently to feel my butt. I reluctantly reached over and started to jerk his dick.

After a minute of just doing that and real small talk like you have a nice dick blah blah, he said he wanted to lay down in the grassy area so I followed him. We both lay down behind a big air conditioner and he told me to take all my clothes off so I did. It felt awesome being naked with an older guy outside, we laid on our sides almost in the 69 position just jerking each other and playing with each others balls. I never think he got fully 100% hard, I sure know I was though.

After probably four minutes I told him that I needed to cum and he said that he most likely wasn't going to cum which I was not mad about at all.

I took my dick back from him and stroked maybe five times and busted the biggest load I probably ever had. As soon as I was done I felt super guilty and wanted to leave as soon as possible. We got dressed and walked to our cars, he said have a good day, I said you too and with that my first bi encounter was over!



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