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My best friend Isaac and I have always gone to the gym together, took the same classes and even tried to work together, but that didn't last very long. The thing with Isaac is we have a true bromance. We jack off together all the time, and we've even jacked each other off a few times. I've dated girls and so has he, but whenever we're not with someone else, we always keep each other company. There is one mutual jack off session I wanted to share, since this site is really about enjoying masturbation.

Isaac had picked me up at school. I got in his truck, and he didn't have a shirt on. He was really sweaty, and I made a joke about him stinking, and he said he wanted to stop at his apartment before we headed out to the gym to shower. Even though we sometimes get sweaty anyway, he wanted to be cleaned up, since he was a landscaper, and had been outside in the dirt and sun all day. I was pretty clean but maybe sweaty under the armpits, from walking half a mile through campus to meet him by the commons area.

We got to his apartment and went upstairs. He has a studio, so it's basically just one room, with a small kitchen, and a little bathroom. I sat on his bed, since it's the only furniture he has, and he stripped off his shorts, which were sweaty as well. He had on white briefs, but they were sweated through, and I could see his hairy dick through them. He pulled those off as well, and went into the bathroom. We have seen each other naked lots of times so it wasn't a big deal. He turned on the shower, and stood in front of the sink, rubbing his shoulders in front of the mirror. I could see his butt muscles flexing, and when he turned around, he was hard as a rock. I felt myself start to get hard just looking at it, and he stood there for a minute watching me. Then he walked over, and stood in front of me, and started masturbating.

I reached out and pulled on his balls, and he moaned. He just kept masturbating, and I was watching his abs move in and out, and his dick flexing at the base, making his balls rise tight up against his shaft. He reached out and ran his hand through my hair, and kept masturbating while I pulled on his balls. I reached my finger up under his sack, and ran it up into the crevice of his butt cheeks, and pressed it against his hairy hole. He moaned again, and put his hand behind my neck, rubbing his fingers into my skin. I pushed my fingertip into his hole, and he let go of my head, to stroke my arm. He was pumping faster, and then shot a load right onto my shirt. He came really hard, and there were at least six streams of cum that shot out onto my shirt, and a little on my neck. He left go of his dick, and it hung there, moving up and down, pushing cum out onto the floor. He pulled at my shirt, and I took it off. Then I followed him into the shower, and we made out a little bit, and he masturbated me.



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