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First Mutual Masturbation'

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First Mutual MasturbationI've been masturbating ever since I was 13 and thoroughly enjoy it. Being able to explore yourself and discover what really brings you to orgasm can be quite a turn-on. Something I'd always wanted to do was participate in mutual masturbation but where I live, I don't think the women here are interested in it. I can't understand why, it can be one of the safer forms of sex particularly if you are concerned about STDs or other diseases.About a year ago though, I got lucky and became friends with a co-worker, who turned out to be very open-minded. She's a lovely person with an optimistic personality, rather petite and stood at about 5'6". She invited herself over for a movie one evening, we ordered pizza and watched the movie, afterwards, we looked over to each other and just stared at each other for a moment. Slowly we moved toward one another and were kissing. I couldn't believe it because I don't find myself as one who attracts women, in fact, sometimes I feel as if women are avoiding me altogether. We kissed passionately, slowly moving up from the couch, we moved toward the back and ended up in the bathroom.Removing each other's clothes piece by piece, we soon found ourselves on the bathroom floor, my member was already standing erect and throbbing, she stood in front of me her nude, petite, tanned body. I gazed lovingly at her as she smiled, we kissed again momentarily. She looked down at my penis and gently wrapped her hand around it. A wave of pleasure shot through my body and I jerked momentarily as she stroked it. We guided each other to the floor, her ending up on the bottom. Carefully, I straddled her stomach, with K-Y in hand, she held out her hand for a portion rubbing it in, her hand returned to my cock. Waves of pleasure running through me like a tidal wave, wanting to return the gesture, I applied K-Y to my hand as well, working my fingers to an oily lube, still straddling her stomach. I turned slightly and moved my hand down between her thighs. Wantingly she parted her thighs, inviting my finger to explore her warmth, as slid my finger inside I moaned feeling what it was like to masturbate a woman for the first time. I heard her sigh, feeling her chest rise and fall, her breasts were radiant, nipples standing hard.We continued our mutual pleasure for a half-hour when I felt my pleasure rushing forth, feeling myself cumming, my moans became uncontrollable, knowing what was happening she milked my cock faster. The first shot landed on her right breast, more of my load shot and spilled forth onto her chest and stomach. The thick, whitish cream fell heavily on her. My erection remained as she held it in hand, she sighed one last time before she tightened her thighs together with my finger deep inside, arching her back. Her breathing returning to normal, her thighs relaxed and I slowly removed my finger; it was glistening with fluid, her inner thighs moist with perspiration, her pubic hairs glistening with her pleasure.Afterwards, we showered together and cleaned each other up, I washed her hair, dried her off and gave her an all-over massage. That was my one and only mutual masturbation session but I eagerly look forward to more sessions with other women. If you're interested, I have a posting on on this website (Georgia) and if you're serious I await your e-mail. You only have to bring yourself and whatever toys you enjoy. ()Completely discreet. Will even pay for the hotel room.



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