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First Job in College

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My first job in College


I went to college at 18 enrolled in a small division III semi private school. My parents paid pretty much for everything including tuition, clothes, room and board, and even a used car. If I wanted anything more I had to pay for it so I decided to find a part time job.

I answered a help wanted sign in a small two-screen movie theater. I went there before hours, rang a bell, and an attractive lady came through a door. I told her I needed a job and after a few questions about when I could work she told me to follow her.

We went upstairs to the projection room. She was explaining to me about the job and what the responsibilities were. As she was talking she told me to ask questions and to follow her as she continued to get the movie ready to play when the theater opened.

On another projector she said she was watching a movie they were considering to run. This was when I was 18 and I am now 55. It is been along time ago but I remember it as if it where yesterday.

This was a pretty explicit movie for that era. We talked while she ran the projector and monitored the movie. She said I will be right back and went downstairs. As far as I could tell we were the only ones there. I began to watch the movie and a couple was doing some heavy stuff in the back seat of the car but it would be tame stuff today. It was enough to give me a raging hard on. I continued to watch the movie and continued to get a harder erection as I watched from the projection room upstairs. Suddenly she reentered the room. My jeans had a tent and even a small wet spot. I tried to pull my shirt over it but she had seen "my bulge".

She looked at me and motioned for me to follow her. We went down to the front row of the theater and she continued to watch the movie. She told me to sit down next to her. She told me that many times when people came to watch movies they would sometimes "masturbate" in the theater. Yes, I knew I had heard her right. She said as long as they were discreet that they usually did not make a big deal of it. They did send employees like me through the room with a flash light and they were instructed to shine it on the floor and not at anyone. That was usually enough to keep everyone from making a scene.

We sat there just a few seconds and I was still thinking about what she said and was still having a hard time with my erection and hearing a older woman (about 35+) talk about the subject of getting off! She asked if I understood. I said I think so. Stupid answer but hey I was just a kid.

We sat there and she watched the movie for a while. I then saw something that began an unforgettable experience. She had her hand under her skirt! She did not look at me but she wasn't trying to hide it from me either. I could feel her arm closest to me against mine. I was aching now.

Soon she leaned up against the back of the seat and raised her skirt up to her waist and kept her eyes on the movie, which I wasn't watching anymore. She worked her self over pretty good. I was now at full mast and was leaning over to get a better view. She moved her panties over and in the dark and by the light coming from the screen I could see enough. She soon raised up her dress and was using one hand to rub and a few fingers on the other hand to move in and out of her vagina. Her head went back and she held her breath then began to breathe hard and a soft moan came out of her lips. She soon recovered, pulled her dress down, and said for me to come with her.

We went back upstairs and she motioned for me to sit down on an old bench. I did as I was instructed. She brought a chair within two feet and sat in it facing me. She said..."Did you enjoy that?"

I said, "I dunno." Another stupid statement. She said "...you are new at this aren't you." She leaned over closer and said you cannot tell anyone. I indicated of course not. She said that "we" must make sure.

She patted my knee and stood up and put her hand on my shoulder and told me to lie down on the bench and I would get to learn more about what women do. I was lying on the bench and she took off her blouse and then her bra. I knew by now I was in her control. My head was spinning and my cock was throbbing. She told me she was doing this to help me get on with it. As she said that she reached down and touched my pants right on the wet spot. I guess I was frozen. She knelt down beside me and unbuttoned my pants, pulled my zipper down, helped me pull my jeans down, helped me lay back like she knew what she was doing. While looking at me straight in the eye she reached in to my underpants and got out my pride and joy. She said, "This needs to be taken care of."

She told me to get on with it and put my left hand on my cock and my right hand on her breast. I did what now was embarrassing but felt better and was more exciting than all of the "jacking" at any point in my life up till then. She was kneeling and she was eye level with the action. I told her that I was going to cum. She said that was okay and she wanted to watch it all. Just as I took that last breath before it all broke loose she took my hand off and said I am going to finish this. She leaned over and I could not believe what was happening. Her mouth was close to my erection and she was telling me that she was going to "help me". She began to kiss and suck on me very gently. I told her to be careful and that she had not better do that. Yes I was inexperienced. I just could not imagine she was going to do that. She said to "just let it go and to enjoy what I was doing." Once again I tried to relax but I was so excited I knew I could not hold back. She moved her hand up and down and was licking and sucking on me and I told her to "watch out" and then I let it all go. I remember making a noise that I had never made before but I still heard her moaning a pleasurable sound as she took it all. She stayed down on me, was gentle, and I did not spill a drop as I remember.

She stood up and began to put her bra and blouse on and I reached for my pants and jeans. My heart went on beating like a trip hammer as she told me when to come in for work. She reminded me that this had been done in private and it should stay that way. I continued to work there that fall up to semester finals. There was no more like that day but I enjoyed just watching her and remembering what had happened.

That was over 30+ years ago, but I will never forget that unforgettable experience ever.



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