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First J/O Sesh With a Longtime Friend

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First J/O Sesh With a Longtime Friend

"Danny" (username "Challenged" on Solotouch) and I had known each other for years before coming out as bi and then masturbating with each other. Sharing with his permission


Danny and I had recently come out to each other as bi. We'd known each other most of our adult lives and never knew about the other, so this was a pretty amazing coincidence. We'd been naked before and I always thought my friend was hot. So this revelation just added to our friendship. One day we were riding bikes and he told me about a JO sesh he'd had with one of his friends while they watched porn at his house. This gave me an idea...

I was visiting another friend (also bi and we've watched porn but he won't jack off when we're together) and we were hanging out by his pool having some drinks and smoking ciggs. I was getting kinda worked up and decided to text Danny to see what he was up to. I just came out and asked if he'd like to watch some vids and JO. When my phone pinged back my heart was pounding, his answer was yes!!

I drove to his place and he answered the door wearing just a towel (he is a nudist). I went inside and he had it set up for us to watch vids in his living room and jack off side by side in two big chairs. I quickly pulled off my t-shirt and shorts (I'm always commando) and kicked off my flips. Now we were both naked and it felt amazing knowing what me and my bud were about to do. He spread out towels and we took our seats and put on the first vid. I got boned pretty quickly which he commented on. He worked up his hard on as we commented on the gay porn vids. We have similar taste in porn so it was easy to pick the ones we both liked. We kept this up for what seemed like an hour. I wanted to make sure that we could see each others hard cocks and stroking action so got him to move a glass that was blocking my view lol.

We kept stroking and putting on new vids, then Danny got up to get some vegetable oil to use as lube saying he needs it so his dick won't get sore since he has callouses. I tried some too and it felt pretty awesome as we resumed jerking. Then he got up and walked over and announced, "time to compare!" lol. He straddled me and held his hard cock above mine end to end so we could see who was longer. We were just about the same length but his is thicker and he has big low hangers that I had appreciated before when we skinny dipped.

He sat back down and we resumed jacking and picking out our fav vids. This went on for another hour. It had now been two hours of stroking and checking out each others cocks and watching hot gay vids. He said he was starting to get close. I urged him to edge longer as I was too. He slowed down but we were both getting close. We kept jerking our meat. It was so hot. Finally, he said he was about to cum. I told him again to stop, which he did. But this time I tricked him and yelled that I was about to shoot.. I gave mine a few more strong pulls and shot my load like a foot straight up in the air. He, of course, was watching this and it sent him over the edge.

Danny announced his legs were tingling and I watched as he shot one solid rope of cum through the air so far it landed on the back of his chair, and some got on his glasses haha. It was amazing. I don't know if I've ever seen anything so hot to this day. We both kept fisting out bones and squirting out the rest of our jizz. Exhaused, we were both breathing heavy as we came back down to earth, smiling and laughing at what had just happened, and the great feeling we both had. We toweled off. I got dressed and drove home. It was an amazing afternoon. Danny was one of the first guys I'd bated with in a long time but he would not be the last.

Give me some feedback and if enough of you liked it I might write some more about other experiences I've had.



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