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First Female Touch

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I felt her hand brush my cock


It was late at night, we were on the band bus heading back to college.  I was 18 and had dated Cindy only once.  We had hit it off and I had enjoyed kissing her.  This night everyone seemed to be sleeping and we were cuddled up and were kissing.  My hand had slipped up to cup her breast and I was thrilled to finally touch a real breast.  She sighed as I touched her.

Cindy was 18 as well, a little shy, a little sheltered, as I had been.  I was sure she was a virgin by the way she acted.  She was about 5'6", with shoulder length brown hair, small, pert breasts and wide hips but slender legs.  As we kissed, our tongues dancing, I could feel her nipples harden and poke out, pressing against her thin bra.  I squeezed it just a little and then kissed her neck just below her ear.  As I did so, I felt her hand slide down my belly and then just barely slide inside my waist band of my jeans.  Little did she know, my cock was rock hard and pointing straight up, barely covered by my pants.  As her hand slipped inside my waist band, her fingers brushed over the head of my cock.  I felt her cool fingers run along my hot member and I groaned just a little.

Cindy reacted by jerking her hand out of my pants as if she was burned while her head jumped over to look down at my crotch.  She sat very still for a minute and then looked up at me.  I whispered, "Its ok". and she leaned back into me and kissed me hard and deep.  I began to squeeze her breast and lightly run finger in circles over her nipple as she gave little, barely heard groans.  In just a moment, her hand returned to rubbing my belly, dropping lower and lower.  Once again, her hand slipped inside my pants and she touched my cock.  This time she began to explore.  She ran her hand down the length of my 6 inches then cupped and felt my balls.  She gripped my cock, squeezing it and then she ran a finger around the head of my cock and lightly over the tip.  She felt the precum covering the tip and spread it around the head.  I was about to explode, I wanted her to make me cum so bad.

I whispered, "Let me show you", and I undid my pants, unzipped as quietly as I could and pulled down my underwear.  I put her hand around my cock and moved it up and down, showing her how to stroke me.  The entire time she had bent down in the darkness, getting a better look at me.  I could feel her breath on my cock as she slowly stroked me.  It was no time at all before I whispered, "I'm cumming!".  I don't think she knew what to expect because she was too close.  I watched her hand stroking me and then arched my back as I came HARD, one, two, three and then four long spurts.  My cum shot out, the first hitting her on the chin, the second on her neck and the last two on my belly.  I watched her continue to slowly stroke me until I sighed and reached down to stop her hand.  She reached up and wiped the cum off her chin.  I saw her raise it to her nose to smell it and then her tongue flicked out to taste it.  I pulled her to me and kissed her hard and then wiped her off with my shirt.

"That was the most wonderful thing thats ever happened to me", I said.  She just smiled and kissed me.  We were nearing town and lights were being reflected off the windows, so I pulled my pants up and we adjusted ourselves.  We held each other until it was time to disembark.  As we got off the bus, I told her, "I want to do that for you".  She smiled, kissed me, and said, "Come to my room tomarrow night, I will get rid of my roommate for a while".  I hugged her hard, gave her a deep kiss and said, "It's a date".  I left grinning like a fool.



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