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Mature Masturbation

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Having been married for over 28 yrs, my wife and I have explored and enjoyed many, many sexual activities. Our relationship has always been monogamous and we have been able to keep our sex lives interesting and active by openly sharing our thoughts and desires. While we have always known that each other masturbated, it was one of those topics that we felt we should keep to ourselves and should be enjoyed alone.

That all changed one evening after we had enjoying a wonderful dinner with some close friends at our favorite restaurant. During dinner, the conversation turned from the usual small talk to something a little more interesting, masturbation. The other couple mentioned that they openly masturbate in front of each other and my friends wife confessed that just this evening as her husband drove, she masturbated in the car on the way to the dinner. I looked at my wife and she had a look on her face of being intrigued and shocked at the same time. The conversation changed to some other topic and I thought no more of it. On the way home after dinner, my wife brought the subject up again and asked if I had ever masturbated while traveling. I told her that I had but it was along time ago and I asked the same of her. She told me of a incident as a young girl traveling in their family's station wagon on a family vacation, she would always want to sit in the far back seat so she could cover with a blanket and would 'have her way with herself'. As she was telling me this I could see that she was seemed to be restless and said that she remembered that she would have good cums and enjoyed the thrill rubbing-off and not being caught. I said that you should try to re-live that excitement as we traveled home in the busy city traffic but said no and once again, changed the subject.

The drive home usually takes about an hour and halfway home she asked me to take the long way home and I knew that something was up. As I turned off the interstate, she kicked off her heels, pulling up her skirt, pulled her pantyhose down and off one leg and placed one foot on the dash of the car. Because it was dark I could not see her very well but her sweet pussy aroma filled the car and from the sounds that her fingers were making as she caressed herself, I could tell she was very wet. As she became lost in her self play, I intentionally took a detour back into the business section of the city and into traffic. By then she had reclined her seat slightly and was lost in masturbation bliss as I pulled up to a stop light with traffic on both sides of our car. Apparently the added thrill of being caught sent my lovely wife over the edge and she had a very powerful orgasm just as the light turned green and we drove away. As she reached for a tissue to dry her fingers, she kissed me on the cheek and said thanks, you always seem to know just what I need.

Upon arriving home, we had sex like teenagers and I can't wait for another opportunity to uncover other forgotten memories.



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