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Female Friend... a Hot Story

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Need to try something new...


Let me start by saying that I am 31, decent looking guy that has always done well with women. I can say I have had some really hot experiences, some of which men can only dream about. But needless to say, we all have to resort to the feeling of our own hand occasionally.

Well I had not been with a woman for a while, and the usual jerk of with lube in the morning and before bed was getting old. I wanted to do something new, something that felt real, something that would emanate me getting laid without having to buy a blow up doll or use any other toy or device. I had always read about guys using pillows, but could not really see that feeling real. So I came up with something. I have shared this with a few people and they are amazed by it. I needed a fabric that would not absorb anything, but yet was still soft and very flexible and user friendly. So, I went down to the goodwill store and found myself a women's pleated miniskirt. I went home and cut it right down the middle to open it up really big.

Next, I inserted the skirt between the 2 cushions on my sofa love seat, and as well rested it on the front base of the couch that the cushions rest on. I pushed it in really deep and then right in front of me was my new best friend. I put a couple pillows on the floor for my knees, got a towel and put it on the cushions to keep them clean and then, I got my baby oil, lubed up my hard cock, lubed up the hole between the cushions and the couch base, and inserted my cock....I tell you it felt just as though I was doing a woman from behind and with some pressure and weight on the cushions from above I could give it different levels of tightness. When I closed my eyes, it honestly felt like I was having sex.

Then of course came the finish...didn't take long before I erupted a huge load of cum into this little opening...and I have repeated countless times since then. So I had to share this idea with somebody. I have a close friend that lives on my street that I have been involved with. I told her about it and she was intrigued. I asked her to come over and be an audience. I wasn't expecting much else; because I knew she had started seeing somebody. But I figured no harm in watching. Just so you know I have jerked off in front of her before. She got there and I had my little sex station set up, I was sitting on the other couch stroking and teasing myself till she got there. She looked at me with a devilish look, I told her to have a seat.

I took my clothes off, and exposed my hard cock, I got on my knees lubed myself up, inserted myself and went to town. I wanted to prolong this a while because I wanted her to get all hot and bothered too...No doubt she did. It wasn't long before she took her pants and panties off and started rubbing herself in front of me. I asked her to get on her knees beside me. She got beside me, she was on her knees with one hand rubbing and squeezing my ass and the other hand was well at work getting herself off.. I was going at this couch like a mad man and she was in her own horny world as well. I wanted to wait until she started to cum. Soon enough she started to moan and cum. I went at it harder than ever applying heavy pressure on top of the 2 cushions cradling my cock and suddenly as she came so did I she turned to me and stuck her tongue down my throat as I thrusted and shot what felt to be an endless amount of cum into that tight hole. It was the next best thing to a threesome. She thought it was totally hot. I can only hope it will happen again.



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