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Bad Day

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It was one of those days. A full schedule at the local Jr. College, muffing a quiz and getting a 'C' on an important assignment. I trudged my way home, wondering if everything was worth the effort.

Jacie's 'Hello!' barely penetrated my all-encompassing gloom. Somewhere in my brain, the echos of ancient happiness dispersed a bit of the darkness. I looked up. She was standing next to their picket fence, looking radiant in the sunlight.

'Hi,' I responded weakly.

'Bad day?' Jacie asked.

'Yeah, bad day,' I responded. The simple admission seemed to lift a bit of the darkness. 'No so bad now,' I added.

'Oh, cool.'

The ensuing silence reminded me of high school. I liked Jacie well enough but it was hard to carry on a conversation with her. Neither of us were brilliant conversationalists.

I was just getting ready for the 'see ya later,' when she said, 'Would you like some cookies?' She said it sort of in a rush, like it was hard to get out.

'Um, yeah!' It didn't take me too long on that decision.

'Okay. Come on in.'

I started up the walk. Then realized that I was walking into a woman's house. With a woman. A woman that, while not a knockout, was warm, pleasant and bouncy. I got a good eye-level view of some real nice bouncy as she preceded me up the steps. By the time we got to the kitchen I was smiling. Jacie waved at a seat and started getting glasses out of a cupboard.

My male mind was already locking into prurient channels. 'Anyone else home?' I asked, half ashamed to be bringing it up.

'Yup!' Jacie responded in a matter-of-fact voice. When she turned around, I noticed that her face was pinkish. Well, so was mine. Jacie poured some milk and set a glass in front of each of us. After a brief hesitation, she sat down.

I took a cookie and a drink of milk. The cookie was delicious! I smiled at Jacie, trying to not let my gaze wander to her chest. I think she noticed the effort, because she sat up straight and pushed her chest out a little. My gaze wandered on its own. Realizing what I was doing, I quickly looked back at her face. 'Sorry,' I mumbled.

'Don't be.' She made a nervous smile. I think both of our faces were bright red by that time. 'How's school,' she said in a somebody's-got-to-say-something tone.

'Lousy,' I said, my eyes wandering to her chest again. It wasn't like she was big-chested. It just that, well, she seemed so inviting.

Jacie put a hand on my knee. 'Look,' she said nervously, 'I know you're a virgin. I'm one too.'

I choked on my cookie. Jacie jumped up and pounded me on my back while I tried to cough up the cookie crumbs in my windpipe. 'You okay?' she asked when the coughing subsided.

'Yeah, I think so,' I responded, trying to suppress another little cough. She stood there and stared at me for a minute.

'Let's move to the living room,' she suggested.

Now that my life was no longer in danger, I felt the lust heat up again. 'Okay,' I said and stood up. Jacie glanced down at my bulge. I thought I saw a little smile on her face as she turned around to lead the way out. Under the influence of the intra-personal heat and her bouncy bottom leading the way, my bulge grew some more. I tugged at my pants to relieve the pressure. My dick straightened out and pointed up and to the left, less of a bulge now and more of a rod.

Jacie pranced over to a stereo system and pushed some buttons. Kenny G. started up. She sat down on the couch and patted the spot next to her. Obediently I sat down next to her. We both sat there stiffly for a few minutes, staring straight ahead. I listened to Kenny G, but thought about the hot body next to me. Then I felt her hand on mine. Almost without thinking, I laid my head on her shoulder. She snuggled into me.

As the situation began to penetrate the conflict between lust and embarrassment, I thought of several different things I could do to move the situation along. Finally I turned my head and kissed her cheek. She turned her head and kissed my forehead. We stared into each other eyes for a minute, then our lips met.

It was my first erotic kiss. Yeah, I know I'm eighteen, but I was shy, okay? Anyway, it sent a thrill from the top of my head right down to my toes. I felt my dick swell to major hardness and press against Jacie's arm. Her arm pressed back for a second, then we were softly kissing, exploring the sensual delight of lip pressed softly against lip. I think we both moaned.

Jacie's hand let go of mine and gently cupped my hardon. Almost on its own, my hand reached up and cupped her breast. Wow! The soft sensuality of a willing breast was mind-blowing. I was surprised by the stiffness of her nipple. Lustily, Jacie pushed me flat on the couch and laid on top of me, her pubic bone grinding into my penis. I freed the hand not on her breast and grabbed her ass. It was softer than her breast! It was the best feeling I'd ever had! Her grinding raised to a crescendo, then I grunted as she screamed.

Jacie collapsed on top of me. Gently cuddling each other, we fell asleep.

'Wake up, kids!' The words slowly penetrated the dream. Then I remembered where I was. I pushed Jacie upright, then sat up myself. Jacie's mom looked at my crotch and smiled. I glanced down. There was a humongous wet spot! I covered it with my hands. 'Jacie, why don't you get Jeff some of Ryan's old things?'

'Okay, mom.' Jacie sounded like we had just been caught playing canasta. She got up and headed out of the room.

'Would you like to stay for dinner?' Jacie's mom asked.

'Uh, sure!' I responded. 'I just gotta let my mom know.'

'There's the phone.'



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