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Beverly 'Used' Me!

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Yes; Beverly 'used' me back when I was 14. But, to tell the truth. I didn't mind being used at all!


Beverly was my big sister's girlfriend. Both she and my sister were 17 years old and both had started going out with boys. This one day, my sister was out of town visiting with an aunt and uncle. I was home alone. I heard a knock at the door and I went and opened it. It was Beverly. She told me she needed to use the computer a minute. I said OK and she came in. She sat at the computer a minute and then called me over.

I went over to her and on the monitor was this picture of this naked woman with this naked man and she had the man's erect penis in her hand giving him a hand job. I looked at the picture and Beverly ask me 'Have you ever had a girl do this to you before'? I just stared at the picture and shook my head no. In my mind, I would had given anything to have a girl do that to me and to see a real girl naked like in the picture. Beverly then ask 'Would you like me to do that to you'? Beverly was beautiful and built like a brick shit house, if you know what I mean. I had thought of her many times while jerking off and how I'd do anything to have sex with her. My cock instantly went super hard. I looked at her in disbelief and she said 'I'm serious'. I shook my head yes.

Beverly got up and started taking off her clothes. She said 'Well; if you want me to get your clothes off too'. I jumped up and started taking off my clothes too. I was so excited as I stood there naked in front of Beverly letting her see my cock. Then Beverly took off her bra and panties. What a sight! I was about to cum just seeing her. My first real live pussy, her tits, her beautiful ass and legs. I couldn't hardly take it.

Beverly had me lay down on the sofa and she then came over to me and sat down by me. I ask 'Can I touch you'? Beverly said 'Go ahead. Knock yourself out, big boy'. I reached up and started feeling her tits. They felt so soft. I then reached down between her legs and started running my fingers through her 'cunt hairs' touching the lips of her pussy. I also felt the insides of her beautiful legs. About that time Beverly put her hand on my cock. She no more than started moving her hand on it and I blew. Cum squirted up and went everywhere. Beverly said 'Wow! That was quick'! She went and got a towel and started wiping things off. All the while my cock stayed hard as a rock. Beverly saw this and again put her hand around it. I again went to feeling her body all over. This time I lasted a little longer and then I came again. This time not nearly as much cum.

We then got up and got dressed. Beverly then told me that she was getting ready to give her boyfriend a hand job and wanted to practice first. In other words, she used me. But, believe me, I didn't mind a bit! Heck of it is, it was three more years before I got my next hand job from a girl and it was then with my own girlfriend. Only difference was my girl friend did it to pleasure me. Beverly just 'used' me. And, I loved it!



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