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Feet Appreciation

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When I was living at home in San Diego and attending my first year of college, my parents hired a maid from Mexico City to clean our upstairs. She was a curvy woman in her mid-forties named Norma who had several grown children back in Mexico.Norma wore tight dresses along with her apron and always wore very high strappy sandals that perched her tiny feet up on mouthwatering tiptoe. Her legs and feet were so smooth and tanned that she never needed to wear nylons.She was an older woman with a plain face, but her feet were so cute and flirty! My parents were always away and I'm afraid I didn't hide my preoccupation for her feet very well at all.She decided that I was annoying - following her about trying to be casual but usually failing - and stealing succulent glimpses of her prissy tiptoed feet in their sandals. She eventually confronted me and suggested that she could masturbate me each Tuesday afternoon if I would just stay out of her way the rest of the week.Tuesday was the only day that my parents were guaranteed to be away, so nobody ever knew what went on. Norma would come to my room where I would be laying naked on the bed waiting - per her precise instructions.Norma would first slip off her sandals and sit up on the bed next to me. She always tugged at her dress, making sure it didn't ride up too far on her thighs.Then she would cross her ankles and tiptoe her feet, arching them in a way that would give me an immediate and unbearable erection. She'd smile with pride, put her left arm around my shoulders - pulling my right cheek against the bosom of her blouse. Next she'd grasp my stiff penis in a handful of tissues and gently masturbate me with her right hand.I'd gasp and squirm, sweating all the while and gawking feverishly at her sweetly tiptoed feet. She'd speak soothing words to me and tell me to let it all out and not to hold back. Her stroking pace would quicken and slowly get more forceful until my scrotum was slapping rhythmically against my bare bottom.Finally my whole body would grow rigid as my penis would convulse and spasm in her hand. Then with my eyes still locked desperately on her flirty tiptoed posed feet - I would ejaculate powerfully into the tissues she held. She'd laugh sometimes and say she that could hear it squirt into the tissues.By the time my orgasm was over I'd be so spent and drawn that I'd be drooping and half asleep. My penis would be totally limp as she'd put her sandals back on, and tell me that I was a sweet gentlemanly young man.I was half in love with her and practically worshipped her until her very last day. I was sorry to see her go and told her so. I said that she had helped me become a man. She laughed scornfully at me and said that I was a senorita-boy to let her do that to me. She said that she just used me as her plaything to break up the monotony of her job and that a real man would have tried to feel her breasts or bottom and not simply be obsessed with her feet.Her parting words to me as she wiggled down our front walkway was that I was light in the cojones. Though I felt resentful of her mockery, it did perhaps add a spicy touch of masochism to my vivid memories ever after!



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