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Feeling Guilty After a Massage

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My wife and I have a largely sexless marriage now and so I am always left to masturbation in secret to deal with high libido. I still want to remain faithful to her but a couple of weekends ago, she came home from work in a foul mood and then I had to give her mail from the IRS that was upsetting. So, she blew up at me and I chose to go to a movie when she told me, no, we weren't going out together for dinner and an evening walk.


Dejected, I left and honestly planning to go to a movie but when I drove by a new massage place that was open, I changed my mind. This place did not have the look of a seedy rub and tug joint. On the front windows there were signs about a 1st time discount for a 90 minute appointment, another about traditional Chinese medicine and Tui-Na, and others about foot pressure points. Unlike the seedy places that are around here, these windows were not all closed over and revealed a brightly lit lobby. I turned the car around and went back.

I was not looking to cheat on my wife but it had been months since we had any kind of intimate contact. I craved being touched and I had a sore back, shoulder, and feet. I also hadn't masturbated for days and hoped I would feel good but not be tempted because of my pent-up state. I just wanted to feel good.

The woman who greeted me was about 4 feet and inches tall and spoke with a thick accent. She was brusque and business-like but told me about their newbies deal. Dressed in dark slacks, a red blouse under an elaborately embroidered coat, and her graying black hair in a bun, she was not looking like I imagined a masseuse offering favors would. That was good. A man was going into rooms that were situated across from a series of reclined couches where foot massage was done. Behind the cashier's desk, a security camera screen had views of the lobby, outdoors, and that area but not the individual rooms. Each room had a plain blue curtain that was open leading in.

I chose the 90 minute special full body massage and she told me that first I would need to be diagnosed so the extra time would help. I asked who would do the massage, because I did not want the man, and she said she would. Putting her small hand on my arm, she steered me toward the second room as she talked about chi and energy and medicine. She asked about my diet, exercise, and health. The room was neat and clean, very nice. I was directed to take off everything but my underwear  and lay down and cover with the towel. And, she repeated that before she left the room.

When she came back, she stood outside that blue curtain and asked twice if I was ready, if I was covered by the towel. I took this as a positive sign about it being a non sexual massage.

Well, as she pressed on my body, starting from head to feet,  she asked question about body functions when I said there was pain. As I winced a few times when she pressed certain spots, she did a “mmm” sound. She seemed to be diagnosing as she asked about urination, breathing,  pain in my groin. I was honest and told her I did ache there and had some difficulty peeing when I was not sexually active enough. She said I was married so should be ok, get “plenty sex.” I explained I almost never got sex with my wife. She said, “You get no sex? No good for man's organ. Needs to have energy move every time, many days. You never have?”

I told her I had to take care of it myself and,she told me man better not to rub it off, not manly or healthy. She asked if I hurt groin then, and I admitted it did. She then took each foot and pressed the sole, further diagnosing me, saying “kidneys,” “bladder,” “testicles,” and “root.” She then started an awesome massage as she kept saying that to rub myself bad, caused imbalance, gave me dietary suggestions. I recall turnip soup being one of them and to avoid too much beef. Then pulling the towel down to my knees,  she went to work on my lower back and buttocks.

This was very appropriate and felt great,  but I got partly hard. She then pulled the towel back over me and said she would come back. I could hear her in the foot massage room because the massage rooms had no ceilings.  I heard water running, things being dropped and shuffling. Then she reappeared and I lifted my head to peek. She had a large plastic bin and some dry towels on top. She told me it was hot stones to loosen my energy then she'd massage it. She pulled the towel down to my knees again, then held the waistband of my underwear and asked, “Ok move down?”

I said it was fine and that previous massages had been nude. She said, “Nude you get cold and energy freeze, no good.” Nice hot stones were put at the base of my neck, along my spine, and then she pulled my shorts down to my knees and put one at the base if my spine. Another was wrapped in some cloth and placed it between my cheeks, then another against my taint and balls. I could feel myself loosening up as she covered me in lots of warm towels and left me to warm up. She came back in about 10 minutes. I foolishly worried that my massage time was being wasted.

When she got back, she uncovered me and plunked the rocks back in the bin. I soon heard pumping and felt her apply slippery oil all up and down my back, across my buttocks and upper thighs,  then more pumping and oil between my butt cheeks and down my taint. “Testicles very loose now, very good,” she said, rolling them between her oily fingers. That made my erection come back, as did the oiling of my crack. She now repeated the back massage with attention to places she told me helped the kidneys, etc. Then she did my butt. Oh wow it was good.

She meticulously avoided my anus but every other inch was therapeutically rubbed and so were my hips and taint. I could feel it deep inside and all the way up my penis. After she finished I had an erection that wouldn't quit so when she wiped off the oil with a hot, wet towel I moaned and hoped she didn't notice. She pulled my shorts up by having me lift my hips, then asked me to flip over as she held the towel. The towel got dropped and fell off the other side though so I was laying uncovered with the top 3 inches of my penis sticking out the waistband. She looked right at it.

“Not good,” She said shaking her head. I thought she meant my exposure but she continued,  “Wet tip means too backed up, man not healthy.” I looked and saw shiny precum all over the red, swollen head and more oozing out of the slit. With two fingers, she rubbed that droplet off the tip, making me flinch, and sniffed it. “Old, smell old and stale for sure,” the lady said making a face. She got a wipe out of a dispenser and wiped her fingers then took another and wiped off my penis head, holding the shaft with one hand. She then said, “Need to drain old fluid in right way. Ok?”

I told her that I'd let her do what she needed for my health. Of course by then, my resolve to not get sexual in the massage was murdered by my needy groin. She left and came back with surgical gloves, popping them on. She got some different lotion from the side cabinet  and then pulled my shorts right off. She put a big bolster pillow under my knees and another under my feet so it was like I was in gynecology stirrups almost. I thought, here you go, schmuck, getting a hand job. Sigh. But no. She started with lots of lotion and rubbed only my taint, around my anus, too. My penis was just bobbing around and slowly leaking. I felt needy so I took it in my hand. “No, bad for energy,” the little woman growled.  She lifted my hand off. “Need deeper, to empty, ok?” I said ok, not realizing.

As soon as I agreed, her fingers applied a large amount of lotion to my anus and then she pushed one inside slowly. Then, she withdrew it and added more lotion and reentered my anus before pushing a finger inside again, going deeper. She gently moved it in and out for about a minute before trying two fingers, and I groaned at how that stretched me open. Thankfully her hands were as diminutive as her stature. She told me to relax with a stern voice. Her fingers went in as deep as she could and started pressing my prostate rhythmically as she slowly curled them alternating with that fucking motion. My cock was bobbing around freely like a, buoy in rough waves, clear droplets of precum dripping and flipping off.

Her other hand was resting on my chest and,gradually she began to tickle the area with the palm still, then lifted and caressed, then began stimulating my nipple with tweaks and pinches. She was gentle at first with the fingers inside but then curled them gradually harder until the prostate opened up, not in an erotic orgasm but in a slightly painful and forced way. She massaged me in a way that I had never felt before and my pent up juices started to ooze out of my stiff penis in streams of flowing clear to milky liquid. The masseuse commented, “Good, let go bad stuff.  See not clear all but has impure in it too.” She kept it up until the flow mostly stemmed and my penis was again just bobbing around.

“See now passages clean and sperms came come out pure too.” Still rubbing the prostate, now she used my expressed precum, wiping it up with the hand from my chest,  to start jerking my cock off.  Her technique was different.  She put her fist around the head and top shaft, moving up and down very little, squeezing rhythmically rather firmly. “Now squirt, ok to do now, hand like a proper vagina like man need when this way,“ she encouraged.

Because the head was so sensitive from all the previous stimulation elsewhere, I felt myself start to contract in ejaculation within a minute. I squirted and felt deep contractions, but the cum was trapped in her gloved fist which kept squeezing as it covered the tip. She kept going and going which started to feel too intense so I reached to stop her but she barked at me, “No hands off, must do whole thing. Some pain maybe but good too, ok?’

She kept going on the tip, now very slick with cum, also digging into my anus with fast thrusts of curved fingers, until after another minute I contracted again.  This had a burning and sort of painful feeling but also a quite pleasurable sensation, a fiery shiver, that went up my spine and to the top of my head that made me wince and almost cry.  It was just one hard contraction that clamped down tight for several seconds,  maybe 10 or 15 total, and my eyes were wet at the finish.

The masseuse held up her hand almost right in my face.  I could see the blue glove smeared in thick white cum that drooled down the fingers and palm and, threatened to drizzle on me. “See,” she cooed, “good potent sperms now able to come not the watery illness stuff before.” Smiling, she pulled the gloves off one at a time, inside out, and dropped them on my belly. She looked at my slowly deflating penis. “Wife not like cock?”

“I think she used to but she went through menopause,” I answered.

She took my penis in one hand and cleaned it gently with one of the baby wipes. “Oh! Yes vaginas get old and not work for fuck very good but cock strong, very hard, very big head but old vagina not take so well.  Maybe you learn not to fuck like rabbit, like young man,  but like old man and her vagina love your cock again, ok?”

I told her I was a considerate lover and went slow and got her ready with my mouth,  used lubricant, and it was just my wife did not seem to want that very often any more so I had to masturbate a lot.

“No,  no,  don't play with it like little boy.  It drains energy and makes you weak.  Maybe you need to find younger pussy to take burden off wife like Chinese do.  Much better because your cock will get life inside from young pussy.” I couldn't argue with logic like that but I knew even this kind of unfaithfulness to my wife would haunt me. I left feeling orgasmically drained and guilty over what I let happen.



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