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Best Friends

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My parents have always been very close friends with the parents of this guy my age who I will call Ben. We have known each other for... well... ever. He is a really good looking guy, he's muscular and athletic, has blond hair, a tan, and deep brown eyes, but somehow I just couldn't like him as anything more than a friend. I'm not half bad looking either, I'm 5'6 with green/blue eyes and blond hair and I have a 34C, but the friendship was mutual. When we were in elementary school, we played together every weekend. In middle school, I would let him copy my homework, and sometimes we would have really long talks about anything and everything. He was my best friend. In freshman year of high school, we remained best friends. But in sophomore year, he met 'Anna'. They went out for 2 years, and sometime during march of junior year, Ben told me they had sex. I was really interested as he got into the details and we were both really horny. I think we both knew it but wanted to keep our friendship as just a friendship. I was forced to spend the entire summer before my senior year (this past summer) in another state with my relatives. I met a wonderful guy there and lost my virginity to him. We both realized it was stupid though, because we were never going to see each other again. When I got home, the news reached me almost immediately - Anna and Ben had broken up.
Fast forward to last weekend. I was over at his house, and we were home alone and hanging out in his room, listening to music, talking... it was almost like the old times in middle school. I also happened to be extremely horny. When he left for the bathroom I pulled down my pants and underwear and began to get myself off. I massaged my pussy which was already slippery with my wetness and I rolled my clit between my fingers. The sensations were electrifying... I heard him walking towards the room and I scrambled to get my jeans on, but it was too late, he had caught me. I turned several shades of red, but he said no... keep going.
Well, I couldn't really say no to him. I was so horny, and he was so hot... I got on the bed and took my panties off and spread my legs so he could get a nice view of my wetness. There was a huge bulge in his sweats and he took them off to reveal a massive hard-on. I hadn't seen his cock since he was about 4, but it was HUGE! It got me so wet that I began to vigorously rub my clit while fucking myself with two fingers, and he stroked his huge cock.
I don't know how long it went on for, but the combination of my fingers in my pussy, my clit being rubbed, and looking at his massive cock drove me over the edge into the best orgasm I have ever had. The convulsions in my pussy made me moan and squirm, and they just kept getting more intense, and within 10 seconds I was thrashing on his bed and moaning loudly. This was too much for his, and he came all over my thighs. Both our orgasms subsided, and we just kind of stared at each other for a few minutes without saying anything, then got all our clothes on and stared at each other even more. 'Wow.' he eventually said. 'Yeah', I replied.



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