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Fantastic Orgasms

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A technique I've become very fond of, yet never read anywhere else


Hi everyone:
I have had a great sex life, both solo and with partners since I was a little boy. I've always been curious and willing to try almost anything once, as long as it's not too dangerous or harmful.
I have so many stories I could share, but I thought I would share one of my favorite new techniques for mind-blowing orgasms.
It started with exploring the hole in the end of my penis as I masturbated. I would lick my finger and rub around inside my dickhead as far as my finger would go. this feels really good, and as you get more into it, you taste your own pre-cum which heightens the mood.
Over time, I began to wonder about sticking things in there and as I masturbated in various rooms of my house, I tried to find objects that would fit the bill so to speak.
The first object that I could get in there was the stem of my glasses, but that hurt a little bit because the shape was not tapered enough. Nonetheless, I did this a few times, and found that if you go real slow, and have plenty of lube, there's a particular angle at which the glasses would just slip in. Like I said though, the shape wasn't quite right, so I sort of gave up.
One day, I was digging through a kitchen drawer and I ran across a meat thermometer that had been left behind by the former tenant. It was the perfect shape, smooth stainless steel about 7 inches long and about as big around as a nail. I tried it and it was great.
It takes a while to find exactly how to do it, and you definitely can't force anything, just kind of apply light pressure as you're guiding it in. You don't even need much lube, a little spit will do just fine because as you're jacking off, inside your dick there's plenty of lube.
As I got really into that little toy, I started to want something a bit bigger around. Again, it took a while to find the right shape, but happily I discovered that a plastic chopstick is nearly perfect (wanking in the kitchen again). The end is not as tapered, so you have to go even more slowly, but once I get past the first inch or so, i can pretty much insert it the entire length of my dick.
Having this object inside is wonderful. I like to fantasize that this must be what it feels like to be fucked (as opposed to anal sex which hurts like hell and doesn't do anything for me). Your dick gets harder than usual having this pressure inside. When you come, you can either pull the object out beforehand, or try to see if the pressure of the cum will shoot the object out.
A caution: please make sure whatever you use cannot go all the way inside you. It would be terribly humiliating to try to explain to the emergence room personnel why exactly a chopstick was stuck in your cock.
Other things I've tried with varying degrees of success: Q-tips, wooden matches, birthday candles, tweezers.
Have fun!



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