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Learning About Video Arcade Booths

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I discover the joys of jerking off in video booths and video arcades and the birth of my exhibitionism


You may have read in one of my other stories that I didn't discover masturbation until my freshman year in college.  I kept my frequent jerkoff sessions private and to myself.

Once out of school, I had the opportunity to visit NYC from time to time.  It was there that I discovered something new and intriging:  There were lots of places you could go to watch pornography and jerk off!  I was really curious about these places and decided to check them out.

Once, I was in the city on a weekend.  I saw an adult video store and decided to satisfy my curiosity and see what it was all about.  It was a standard X-rated video store so I walked up and down the aisles looking at the videos, but was not really that interested.  As I was about to leave, I noticed that there were some viewing booths in the back of the store.  You could hear the sounds of some of the movies coming from the booths.  I walked back to see what this was all about.

There was a board in the middle of the long narrow room with about 25 boxes showing the titles available for preview.  There were about 10-12 booths, half on either side of the board.  The distance from one side to the other was about 6-8 feet.  The viewing booths were kind of like bathroom stalls in that the doors were open for about a foot at the bottom and top, although you couldn't see over them.  There was just a simple latch to keep the door closed.  There were a few other guys making selections.  In a few of the booths you could hear the sounds and see that someone was inside.

I had just stumbled across this whole thing, but was now intrigued and aroused by the whole idea and decided I wanted to actually see how the booths worked.  From that point on, my heart was pounding because this was something new and I kept thinking I would see someone I knew or the police would come in!  Also, my jacking off was always private, and now I was in a place where guys came with the express purpose of doing it!  I was really nervous but my curiosity was stronger.

I went inside one of the booths and put a dollar or two into the coin operated viewing machine.  After doing that, you could select any of the titles which were all on continuous loops.  The light was subdued inside, but you could see out through the crack next to the door.  By then I was really horny, and decided to I wanted to jack off outside of my normal private comfort zone.  I had shorts on, so it was easy just to remove them and my underpants.  It was a great turn on to be indulging myself with the video on, hearing the sounds from the other booths, and with people standing a few feet away knowing what was going on.

At one point I was curious to see who was outside so I unlatched the door and cracked it just enough so that I could see out.  The door was not completely on straight so when I took my hand away, it opened about a foot.  So there I stood, playing with myself with 3 guys about 4 feet away.  They were facing about 90 degrees to my left looking at the board, but before I closed the door I could see that they were aware that I was there and what I was doing, although only one guy glanced over briefly.

To tell the truth, it was such an unexpected thrill that I did not rush to close the door because after all the years of private masturbation I found I wanted someone to see me and hoped that there was a woman there.  If there had been a woman out there when this happened, I know I would have come before I could close the door and actually would have been too distracted to close it.  (As an aside, now after many years of visiting these places, although I have fantisized about seeing a woman or couple in the booth area, I never have.)

If it wasn't for the fear of someone I knew or the police, I probably wouldn't have closed the door.  As it was, I closed the door, enjoyed myself for a little while longer, came and then left a few minutes later with my heart still pounding.

On another visit to NYC,  I felt compelled to go back to this same video store to see if I had remembered the details correctly.  After entering, I looked at selection of videos on the shelves, but was really interested in the booths in the back.  I was curious as 3 or 4 guys came out of the viewing area.  I went back to the booths and decided to watch a few porn videos.  Much to my surprise, this time there were some all-male videos, so I put on a couple of videos featuring guys sucking each other or jerking off, since I had never seen this and was very curious about it.  I noticed that the crack between the door to my booth and where it was attached was actually pretty wide, so that anyone deciding to look in from the hall could see everything in the booth, illuminated by the screen in the booth.

When I first went into the booth there was maybe one other guy in another booth.  I really did not intend to do anything, but one thing led to another, and before long I had my dick out and was stroking it.  At that point, I saw that there was someone outside who stopped right in front of my booth.  As I was getting into it, he walked right up and looked through the crack watching what I was doing.  Although my initial reaction due to years of not wanting to be caught was to turn away, I decided to overcome my fear and turned a little so that he was looking almost straight at me.  Knowing that he was watching me from no more than 2 feet away made me stroke harder until I came into my hand in great noisy spurts.  At this point he turned and left.

So from these trips to NYC I made a few discoveries and had a few firsts.  I discovered these public masturbation booths that exist in Adult Book Stores and arcades.  It was the first time that I jacked off with anyone watching and it was such a thrill that it was a huge step of me stepping out of my private jackoff world.  It was also my first interaction as an adult with another man.  Because it was such a taboo then (at least to me) that actually added to the excitement.

After the early experiences above, over the years, as part of my self-discovery, I have looked to explore places like these as well as porn theaters, in many different cities, where I could go to jerk off.  Although I now have enjoyed many different situations where I have jerked off for women (in private), since there are never any women in these places (when I am there), I have grown to enjoy and am now comfortable with guys watching me and me watching all-male porn, jacking off to it, and watching other guys jerk off.

Most of the places that I visited were kept clean, but sometimes I went into booths where the cleaning was not keeping up.  There might be fresh, recently deposited loads of cum and semen on the screen, walls, or floor.  Often, this added to the sleazy aura of the whole situation, which I found hot.  Those times after getting working up watching a few videos, instead of trying to contain my cum by shooting in my hand or a kleenex, I would just let myself go and add my own hot dripping load to the screen or wall of the booth.

I have now progressed to the point of mutual cock play with other guys (only a few times) and my fantasies include male-male interactions which I have shared with some of my female partners.  These fantasies and jerking off for women are the subject of some of my other stories



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