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Explosive Start to the New Year

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My first orgasm of the year was an explosive one


As a lot of you know I am a sub to my husband and absolutely love it. I love giving control over to him and being his obedient little slut. One of the things he controls is my orgasms and pleasure, whether I am allowed to cum or whether I am denied them. A lot of people think I am just into orgasm denial but I am not, I am into Orgasm control. He can deny me an orgasm for months on end or he can make me cum 50 times in one night it is entirely up to him. Either way is entirely enjoyable. After so long in denial it becomes more pleasurable to stay denied and enjoy the feelings of being constantly horny and obviously orgasms after being denied for a long time are intense. However, I find orgasms after a short term denial are so much more explosive. After you have gotten used to being denied for so long the orgasm feels amazing but after a few days I haven't had chance to get used to it and my desperation to cum is much higher which makes the climax so much more intense.

Last Tuesday morning I woke up feeling horny, as I usually do when I wake up, and I had nothing to do so I laid in bed watching videos of girls masturbating whilst I teased and played with my pussy. After an hour of teasing and edging and watching all those beautiful women enjoying orgasms my pussy really wanted to cum. As I was laid holding myself right on the edge Matty came in and smiled when he saw what I was doing. He came and laid next to me and asked me if I was going to cum. I nodded and he leaned down and whispered, "what if I said you could only have one more orgasm this year?" I thought about it and decided to use it there and then. I rubbed hard against my clit and let my pussy burst with pleasure. I laid writhing and moaning as the orgasm flooded through my body and eventually it died down and I laid back enjoying the post orgasm tingles. He smiled and kissed me and then said that's it, no more orgasms till 2016. I giggled and found myself getting turned on at the thought. Over the next two days he made me tease and edge my pussy and spent most of Wednesday evening using his tongue to drive me crazy with pleasure. I spent the last day of 2015 with my pussy throbbing like crazy and dripping with desire.

On new year's eve we were working in our pub and by the time we got home it was late so we went to bed. As we snuggled up in bed Matty slid his hand between my legs and gently stroked my swollen clit to tease me even further and did so until I fell asleep. When I woke up on new years day my pussy was dripping wet and begging for release. The throbbing in my clit was so intense and all I wanted to do was rub her until I exploded but knowing I had to wait until I was given permission was turning me on so much. When Matty woke up he felt how wet my pussy was and smiled at me. He asked how badly I wanted to cum and I told him so so badly. He smirked and said I would love to oblige you, however we have guests to take care of, and we dont want to wake them up with your screams of pleasure. I giggled and put my pyjamas on and went downstairs to help make breakfast. Matty's cousin and his girlfriend had stayed over and after they had breakfast they went to get showered and dressed and get their stuff together. When they were ready Matty was taking them to the station to catch their train and just as they left he whispered something to Alice who giggled and smiled at me. When they walked out of the door she walked over and grabbed my hand and led me upstairs and pushed me onto the bed. Suddenly Matty appeared next to the bed and he attached my wrist restraints and cuffed my wrists to the bed. Once I was restrained he kissed me then turned to Alice and said you know what to do. He said goodbye to both of us and headed out.

Alice smiled at me and then slid my pyjama bottoms off. She laid between my legs and gently started licking my pussy through my knickers. I laid back moaning unable to stop her and she spent the next half hour licking and teasing my pussy. She built my desperation to cum and made my pussy ache with desire and I found myself begging for orgasm. By the time Matty got back I was a writhing wriggling mess on the bed. He came and sat next to me and smiled as he watched Alice eating my pussy. He suddenly reached out his hands and started stroking his thumbs slowly around my nipples making them tingle with pleasure and made my pussy even more needy. They continued this teasing for almost 20 minutes before they both stopped. Alice came and sat next to me on the bed whilst Matty reached down and pinched my clit sending ripples of pleasure coursing through me. He brought me to the edge and held me there. Being right on the edge of orgasm was torture but felt so good. He stopped rubbing and let go of my clit making me moan out in protest. He stood up and walked over to the end of the bed and pulled out my bullet vibe. He slipped it inside my pussy and then turned it on the lowest setting. It started buzzing inside me keeping my arousal up and giving me pleasure but it was nowhere near enough to make me cum. He asked Alice if she wanted a drink and they both left me tied to the bed, helpless to do anything against the constant teasing from the vibe.

They left me like that for half an hour and by the time they came back the bed underneath was flooded with juices gushing out of my pussy. When they came back I started begging uncontrollably to make me cum, I needed it so bad. He pulled the vibe out of my pussy and laid down between my legs and wrapped his lips around my swollen throbbing clit. The sudden contact on my clit that had been begging for attention for so long made me scream out in pleasure. He sucked on my clit building the pleasure once again and once I was on the edge he told me to beg for orgasm. I begged him so much to make my pussy cum and suddenly he looked up at me and said cum for me babe. He leaned down and nibbled on my clit and suddenly my pussy filled with warmth which spread across my body and it rushed back towards my pussy. Once it hit my clit exploded with pleasure and my pussy burst squirting cum all over the bed. Pleasure surged through my body like a chain reaction of explosions in every nerve. Every inch of my body tingled and burned with pleasure and I found myself screaming silently. My body felt like it was going to tear apart and it felt so incredible. It kept going and going and going and it felt like it would never stop. I was caught between it needing to stop and never wanting the feelings to end. Eventually the intense feelings died down and I was left trembling and whimpering on the bed as aftershocks spiked through me.

As I was still restrained I was helpless to his stroking fingers running across my body and making me tingle with sensitivity. After ten minutes he stopped and undid my restraints and pulled me close to him. He asked if I enjoyed my first orgasm of 2016 and I could only nod and smile unable to speak properly. Certainly a good start to the new year.



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