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Exploring With Katie

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Katie helped me explore my curiosity.


For a few months I have been curious about what it's like being with a woman sexually. I’m not attracted to women. I've just seen how much my cousin Katie loves her girlfriend and I can tell that what they have in bed must be very special. I've been feeling like I need to experience that, even if it's just once. I started thinking of a way to let Katie know I wanted to try something with her without coming right out and saying it to her. I decided to include something in the last story that I posted.

It worked. The day that the story was posted, Katie had me stop by her office to talk. After she brought up the comment from the story, I told her about wanting to experience what she does with her girlfriend Melissa. Katie asked how far I wanted to go. I told her I needed to experience every aspect of it. 

We talked about it and decided to do something last Saturday night. I was really excited. For some reason I was a little nervous, too. A few thoughts went through my mind. Could I make her cum as good as her girlfriend does? Will she enjoy it? I decided to stop worrying. Katie would guide me. She's great at that.

Saturday night got here, and we were in bed together. Katie was nude, and I was wearing nothing but a light pink thong (by now you know how I like that). Katie asked how I wanted to start and I told her I wanted to try kissing first. Kisses between Katie and her girlfriend Melissa always seem so passionate. 

We began kissing. As our mouths connected we let our tongues touch. I admit it wasn't as great as with my boyfriend, but it did feel really good. We continued for a few minutes, Katie's hands running up and down my back the entire time.

Once we finished kissing Katie told me it was time for me to give her pussy some attention. I began working my way down, stopping to kiss her beautiful nipples first. Kissing them was an interesting experience. I loved hearing her moan softly as I made her nipples hard.

Once her nipples were good and hard I made my way down to her clit. I wasn’t quite sure how to lick her clit at first. It seemed a little awkward. Then I decided to do to her what my boyfriend does to me. I alternated between sucking on her clit and biting it. Within a minute Katie was moaning and repeating "fuck yes!" I knew then that I was doing it right.

I kept at it a little longer, really enjoying her taste. It’s quite a bit different from my own. I moved to her pussy lips and started licking them, slowly up and down. Occasionally I inserted my tongue, each time making her moan louder.

After doing that for a while, Katie looked at me and said, “Lick me faster, Ashleigh! Please!!” I could tell she needed to cum badly, so I licked as fast as I could, pinching her clit while I did it.

I could barely keep my tongue on her pussy at this point because she was starting to lift her hips some. I knew she was close, so I decided to bring her over the edge and make her orgasm really strong. I inserted a finger into her asshole. She screamed loudly as her orgasm ravaged her body. I’d seen her cum hard, but none were as powerful as this one. She kept screaming as she gripped the sheets and squirmed around on the bed, fluids pouring out onto my face. I kept at it until she was begging me to stop.

Once Katie’s orgasm ended I moved up and held her. She had a puzzled look on her face.

“Where in the fuck did you learn that?! That was so fucking great!”

“I just did what I love having my boyfriend do to me. I also did stuff I read about online. I hope it was good enough.”

“Good enough? I wish Andrew, Mellie, and Stef would do it that good!”

That was the best thing Katie has ever said to me. We laid there for a few minutes then Katie began kissing my nipples. As they began to harden I felt a tingle begin to course through me. Once my nipples were really hard Katie made her way down to my clit.

Katie stretched the material of my thong over my clit and started biting it. I don’t know why but the tingly feeling was a lot stronger than it is when my boyfriend does it. While moaning lightly, I keep repeating, “fuck yes!” I was getting wet faster than usual.

A few minutes went by and I couldn’t take it anymore. I begged Katie to lick my pussy lips. She pulled off my thong and began licking me really fast. My boyfriend never licked me with this kind of intensity before. I loved it!

All of a sudden I exploded! I screamed “OH FUCK YES!!!” My body went completely stiff and my toes were curling. It was the most intense orgasm I’d ever had with Katie in the room. She kept licking my pussy as I came. When it got to a point where I thought it couldn’t get better Katie pinched my clit hard. It was like a dam burst inside of me. I squirted more than I thought I could, soaking her.

As I came down from my cum, Katie and I held each other and kissed some more. When we stopped I told her how much I enjoyed it. I asked if we could try more soon. Katie asked how far I wanted to go and I told her I wanted to experience getting fucked by her with a strap-on. I think she was a little surprised but she said okay. We’re gonna do it this weekend. I’ll write about it.  



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