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Exploring with Friends

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Various Experiences I had with other friends.

I discovered that the bundle of nerves down below actually had some value, and could be used in more elaborate ways. I was always comfortable in my own skin, and my parents/siblings showered with the doors open and nudity was completely natural around the house. It never turned into anything sexual with a parent or a sibling, and I never felt the desire to change that. I went to a show (Americans call them carnivals I'm pretty sure) and won a huge stuffed white bear, which I loved, and soon adored for much more personal reasons. I used to watch TV and do homework etc sitting on the lap of this bear. One night I was just being silly and moving around on the bear when I felt something wonderful happening in my pussy. I just kept squirming until I had had enough, but no orgasm yet. This went on for a year or so until a friend slept over and I had the urge to rub one night. I asked my friend Sadie if she ever felt good in her flower (I have no idea why, my family always called vagina's flowers) and she said sometimes. At this point neither of us had been conditioned by media or society to feel shame at asking such brazen questions of each other. So I took of my underwear and showed her how I rode on my bear. By this stage I had managed to orgasm plenty of times with the bear and I showed Sadie how. She was delighted and had a turn after me. The night turned into whispers and the two of us trying to keep as silent as possible whilst we rode the bear. Sadie moved away soon after, but I'll never forget the shared experience we had. Another friend of mine, Gen, soon replaced Sadie as my 'exploration buddy', and I soon introduced her to the bear as well. She told me that I was doing it all wrong and that there were better ways of cumming. I had never thought there was any other way, so she showed me her pussy and showed me how she moved her hands. She asked me to do it with her, so she could make sure I was doing it right, and it was exciting to think that I would be showing my pussy to somebody else up close. Gen and I would rub all the time together and would rub our pussies together but only with underwear on. We were afraid of getting caught so we started drifting apart. I went to high school not knowing a single person, until I met Claire. Claire and I became best friends and would have sleepovers every weekend. I shared my first girl on girl kiss with Claire and it was fantastic. Much better than boys of the same age. Until we were 14 we would make out in bed together, but we never masturbated together which is upsetting. If I could go back now I would tell myself to build up the courage and just do it. Regardless I enjoyed my time with Claire just as much as with my other friends. At 14 I discovered boys and became infatuated with them, their bodies and their differences to myself and my friends. I would give anything to run into any of my old girlfriends and see if any curiosity is still there, now at 21...



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