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Paris Lights

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Here is a follow up to our dating story. It is our engagement.


My girlfriend and I dated for over a year. We were both working at a church much of that time with junior and senior high kids, and kept promising ourselves that we would not go too far physically. As I said in the previous story, however, we were pretty much in the 'do as I say, not as I do' catagory. I kept on resolving to keep limits to just kissing and hugging, but she would push and push. I was weak and easily manipulated. She was persistant. So we would find ourselves rubbing and rolling around on the bed, couch, floor etc. whenever we would start making out until I blew my load. Which never took long (and still doesn't after marriage!)

She moved out of town to go to another state for grad school, but the relationship was really getting serious so we would take turns flying to see each other almost every-other-week. Each trip we would talk about setting good boundaries physically, but not until we had gone too far, of course. It was all talk. I just started expecting that I would have to change underwear as soon as I got home. We finally decided this was stupid, and that we should get engaged. We also decided to step back from our routine of clothed orgasms and to not get naked with each other until we got married.

Well as you probably can guess, going backwards never really works. But we kept up the charade. And we kept our clothes on. And a lot of dry humping.

So here comes the engagement. I flew to see her and just happened to forget to call the friend I was supposed to stay with. She, of course, was elated. After dinner we went back to her place. I told her to pack a bag for a few days, but didn't tell her where we were going (but hinted it was East Coast). We got ready for bed. I got sweats on and she was in a night shirt. It was a studio apartment, so I just said, 'you go to bed and I will do some stuff on the computer and then crash on the couch.' She insisted that I come cuddle her first for while. I did, as I always do, even after we decided that that isn't a good idea.

Needless to say I never left her bed. The first orgasm came as we were making out. I was lying beside her, keeping my hands in the safe zone, but of course that didn't matter. Just the force of my hard-on on the bed made me blow big time. I gulped and caught my breath as we continued kissing. She moaned in pleasure. We laid there and cuddled and kissed until I dozed off.

I woke up to her stroking my face and then kissing me deeply as she crawled on top. I was already hard. My penis is pretty small, but I'm sure she knew how hard I was in an instant as she began to move slowly up and down against my body as we kissed and moaned. She ground her crotch into my leg as she straddled me until she came. I was caressing her breasts and slipped my hands onto her butt under her underwear. I usually try to stop before it goes this far, but there was no stopping tonight. It felt incredible. She grabbed me harder and kept coming. I then shifted my body as to invite her hand to go where it had never gone before. She slipped her hand down under my sweats-under my boxers-and for the first time, I felt her hand wrap around my rock hard erection as she stroked my slipperey hard-on up and down. I blew my load in about 2 seconds. It was intense. She was in heaven. I was completely not in control. I knew I would get all I could now and then just feel bad about it later. We held each other, spooned a while, and fell asleep.

In the morning we had one more session as we woke up. Clothes stayed on, but we didn't even think twice about groping under them as I, for the first time, fingered her to orgasm and she stroked my hard-on to another quick orgasm.

Of course, in the light of day, it was time to feel guilty (and sticky) and remember all the promises we made to each other about not going beyond kissing. She showered first and then I did. We went out for coffee and I started the conversation, as I always did, but she would have none of it. Things were progressing just the way she wanted.

So we got on a plane and flew back east. And when she thought we were at our destination, I pulled out our connecting flights to Paris. We would fly to Paris, have a two bed hotel room, and meet up with my brother. We got to Paris and checked in. We were exhausted and my brother wouldn't be there until the next day. So we decided to take a nap. We didn't say a thing, but it was like we knew that we should just get going with the making out and get the orgasms out of the way. So we did. I got a good hand job and so did she. We napped.

My bro showed up the next day, we played the innocent couple. I didn't want him to think I was such a hypocrite with my faith. But I'm pretty sure he is smarter than that. So the weekend continued, we got engaged on the Eifel Tower right durring 'sparkle time.' Did a little sightseeing and headed back to the states.

And again, we talked about how we wanted to make marriage a special thing, and back off physically before we went too far. And of course, it was all just talk. It's hard to hold that line when only one of you wants to. And the other one is horny and spineless!

I ended up moving down to be with her during the engagement and we actually did pull back a lot on how physical we were as the wedding got closer. And the funny thing is, she really never did see me naked until our wedding night.

And a 'not so funny' thing is that having a short trigger worked a lot better for mutual masterbation than it does for intercouse. I was a much better lover with my clothes on than I am with them off! Dang.



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