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Exhibitionist Neighbour

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Absolutely and marvellously true!


I was living in a ground floor flat (apartment), in a row of terraced Victorian houses. The bathroom was a single storey added later as in thousands of this type of house.

The large window had plain glass and the door to the garden was half glazed (frosted glass).

Our neighbours flat was a mirror image in layout, with no fence between the gardens,just some shrubs half way down. So there was nothing to block the view of each others bathroom.

It was the beginning of Summer and it was getting very warm so I went to open the garden door and was faced by the mouth watering sight of my neighbour, on her hands and knees cleaning her floor with her beautiful arse and pussy covered in a very flimsy pair of panties and nothing else!

I got hard in seconds and just stood in the doorway watching her.

She spent ages in the same position her c cup tits hanging and swinging. The sun shone directly onto her arse and It was easy to see she was clean shaven.

I dropped my shorts and let my cock enjoy the freedom. My hands stroked slowly as I savoured every minute.

Jane,was about 5 foot 5 inches tall, slim and attractive. Her breasts were high and beautifully rounded. She was just a year or two older than me

When she got up,I dropped back out of sight. She moved slowly inwards and I could hear her running a bath.A few minutes later, when the water had stopped she stepped back into view and stood right in the doorway and hooked her thumbs into her panties. She was facing me this time and seemed to be waiting for something, I stepped into view as hard as I have ever been.My cock is just over 7 inches long, with a girth of over 6 and a half inches. The head is big. She smiled and very very slowly began to push off her panties.

She motioned for me to stroke my cock, which I did readily.

When she was completely naked, like me, her right hand dropped to her bald pussy and began working it hard. She wanted to come as soon as she could. I matched her for speed and she shuddered with a huge climax which had her holding her hand over her cunt and the other across and pressing her breasts. Her eyes were screwed shut, when she did open them, she stood and watched as I massaged my cock to my own terrific climax. I shot out three longs jets of come and kept my hand moving fast to produce as much come as possible.

Her eyes never left my cock throughout the time. She gave me a little smile and then got in her bath, I ran one too, the doors were still open and just catching the odd sound of her bathing was enough to get my balls tingling, so, needless to say it wasn't long before my cock began to fill out. I watched as it lifted from my thigh and stuck further and further out of the water. I love it when it needs no touching to get to its hardest,longest and widest!

I finished my bath and stepped out to dry myself. I was in front of the window but saw that she had chosen to stand naked and glistening in the sunhine of her doorway.

I moved to my door and stood there to show her my erection.She smiled again and her eyes fixed on my cock as it swayed about as I dried myself. As for my eyes, they were watching her beautiful breasts jiggle and sway as she got dry.

She then sat on the doorstep and stretched her body out,lying back supporting herself with her palms down on the floor and her legs pointing straight at me.

She remained like that for a minute or two and then parted her legs to give me a perfect view of her shaven pussy.She widened them right out as she saw me begin to stroke my prick again and kept them like that until I shot my second stream of sperm.

She then got up, blew my prick a kiss and went inside.

This was only the beginning-there are lots more stories to tell.



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